World Of Warcraft

Blizzard continues its streak of integrating the best of contemporary MMO mechanical design but also radically alters the balance of power in their world for the first time since 2010's Cataclysm. It's a gamble that pays off.

Blizzard, Always Able to Be Trusted and Qualified 5 years ago announced the design of a persistent world based on Warcraft's famous fantasy saga, Azeroth's world is being re-launched four years after the end of the Frozen Throne campaigns (the expansion of Wacraft III).

The world, in part devastated by the plague, saw the rise of deadly civilisation on the ruins of the city of Loarderon, the re-emergence of ancient grudges between humans and orcs and the birth of numerous cities in the south of the Eastern continent.

As soon as we enter, we will be placed in front of a very simple choice, which faction interpret, race and class. Inside the game there are 8 races, 4 by faction including all those who did appear in World Of Warcraft III (now W3) so human, dead, orcs and elves of the night with the addition of the races of Support such as gnomes, dwarfs, trolls and tauren.

The Dark Portal has been opened: Welcome

On World Of Warcraft we chose our role (for example, hunter, warlock, or paladin) and our aesthetic appearance will assist you with a brief video presentation of the area we will start with, with a minimum of background and an immense world waiting for us.

As soon as we take possession of our character, we will be free to go where we want without any particular limitations, if not that of our level that will make exploration at the first risky levels on World Of Warcraft.

Like in all MMORPGs, even World Of Warcraft is divided into regions, characterised by ambience and level of experience, starting from a basic difficulty to reach legendary areas such as dark portal sites.

World Of Warcraft first levels will help us better understand the control system, in part facilitated by the popups who, by doing a new action, will report the consequences of what we have just done. Up to about 10 lvl we will only run around the area of ​​beginners and at the most of the nearby cities without distracting us too far from our native place.

The first steps on World Of Warcraft

The first impact is to be in a fairy-tale world that recalls in its entirety everything that was World Of Warcraft 3 with its characters, heroes and monsters.

But after all, fighting and not all we can do. In addition to proceeding on our adventurous journey, we can also dedicate ourselves to a profession, or to be precise 2 main and 3 secondary professions.

Jobs range from blacksmith to cracking, but all classes will be tied together to create more complex objects. The 3 secondary professions, on the other hand, will have a slightly different lap, as they will be completely autonomous in the advancement.

Raising the work side on World Of Warcraft will not penalise on the side of exploration and combat, but will enable us to interact more with the environment and save us money precious.

As always, in addition to waiting times on World Of Warcraft, the blizzard is always distinguished for the manic care of its titles, trying to make them always up to date and always guaranteeing maximum support. On this side World Of Warcraft is not the least. In addition to classical exploration, there will be many missions (or quests) which, besides guaranteeing our rewards, will give us valuable experience points for our advancement.

Quests do not always resolve by killing monsters, or sometimes we will have to deliver parcels, or simply explore areas and bring a report to our superior. In addition to these classic missions, we will also assign ELITE missions, where the monsters that we will meet at the same level will have a superior armor class and will be significantly more difficult to defeat World Of Warcraft, forcing us almost always to face them in party with our friends.

A note of merit goes to the system designed for death on World Of Warcraft, which will allow us to choose between two options in case of death: talk with the curator spirit of the cemetery where we will be teletrasported to resuscitate immediately (suffering from malus) or go reincarnarci in our Body without losing anything except a bit of time.

  • Blizzard has put a lot of focus into what each class is and has made changes to make the feel of playing this class better and more unique
  • Focus into making each spec feel unique and strong in their own ways
  • Actually making previous content areas relevant to the game again
  • It seems to be very alt character/offspec unfriendly
  • Some of the artifact questlines are underwhelming
  • The Arcway and Court of Stars dungeons are not available to you at level cap
  • A vertical climb, forced into a poor mans Karazhan with too much trash and boring bosses
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7

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