War of the Vikings


Vikings, a people of warriors from dubious sanitation that never ceases to fascinate the collective imagination. Men of such heavy weight that when they put a lute in the mouth turn it into an M & Ms. People so rude that if you do not laugh after telling a joke you cuts your tongue. Who would not want to have participated in their war against the Saxons? From today you can do it in complete tranquility in front of your PC, thanks to War of the Vikings, multiplayer white battleship simulator that puts you in the hands of one of the two factions in the fight for some control points (Conquest mode ) or for the only taste of killing enemies along with their teammates (Team Deathmatch mode). Combat system is simple and articulated at the same time. It allows you to bring different attacks depending on the direction in which the mouse moves after pressing the left button to start the shot.

Parade is just as easy, even if it requires a glance and speed to understand the direction from which the attack is coming to neutralize. Fenders can be more or less powerful depending on how much the left button is pressed to load and, like parades, are tied to the stamina bar that, when exhausted, makes the offense and defense less effective. There is also a lack of special, special or passive special shots and skills, to suit everything and to allow the personalization of your warrior by spending the money accumulated during the battles. Improvements can have a purely aesthetic nature with different embellishments to our hero's equipment, or they can have a more functional nature for gameplay, such as the ability to change a skill that does not appeal to us, or to buy a weapon other than our own. From this point of view, the game of Fatshark, the development team, does behave really well without being penalized for anyone and without resorting to various tricks to favor the poorest players. Of course, there is a slight imbalance in favor of the two-handed axes on other weapons, but let's say it is soon settled with some rebalancing update. The various classes have different weapons to choose from: sword and shield, ax and shield, two-handed ax, bow and others. There are also secondary weapons such as swords or jigs, but as we will tell you in the next paragraphs, we had some problems in using them. Yes, because despite the excellent premise, he made even better the beauty and variety of maps, really well-made from the graphic point of view (at least for a multiplayer title), we found not a few rocks in our test.

The beautiful War of the Vikings, unfortunately, ends with the soundtrack, made of songs that resemble themes of the time, because the rest of the game is spotted by a whole series of problems on which it is not possible to overlook. Let's start with the respawn management and mapping itself about the game modes. From the description of the combat system you will surely realize that it is very technical and can give you great satisfaction because it allows a good player growth along with the game. This is true when you are in a position to exploit it properly, as in the previously mentioned duel or generally crowded servers. Unfortunately, when you are in a full-fledged server, then teams of sixteen players each have their own big gameplay problems if they give them a holy reason. The most obvious is definitely the generated chaos, which involves a number of limits to action.

First is that it is difficult to be technical in the mix, the second is the almost impossible to avoid or cause "fire friend", also complicated the terrible lag mentioned in the next paragraph. In terms of gameplay, friend fire translates into experience points that are not taken from accumulated ones, which would also be right if they were often not completely unable to avoid it. If we add the wild respawn to the chaos, with the dead enemies who suddenly appear behind you and kill you while you are busy fighting with others or with you reappearing in the melee, just in time to catch a d 'ax in the head by an enemy of passage (also the opposite, with the enemies that suddenly appear before you and do not make in time to see your presence that are already dead), it is clear that after a while the schemes they jump completely and the whole glamor of the white weapon, tied to the force system and directional parade, goes a little closer. From this point of view, the conquest mode is less problematic than that of the deathmatch team, as the clashes focus around targets to be captured and respawn is always in security zones, but other considerations remain valid. They are also for twelve to twelve matches, where the chaos is only attenuated. It is unclear however it has been chosen to offer clashes between so many teams in the face of the technical limits evident since the first beta, which with months have not been resolved. Besides, there is another big defect to consider, which ends up completely killing the game if you are not enormously patient and motivated

The other big problem of War of the Vikings, to which we mentioned a few lines above, is the terrifying lag that afflicts him. In fact, we can not know if and when it will be solved, but since the combat system is almost entirely based on body-to-body clashes and precision, it is a question that can not be skipped, because it is one of those problems that passes the want to connect. In fact, when a server is crowded, even with very low pings (30-40, to say), in order to be able to bring its own shots, it is necessary to anticipate a few tenths of a second's attack on what is seen on the screen, because otherwise you are inevitably sliced.

To say, we have been repeatedly killed by "ghost shots", while in other cases we could not parry with the shield attacks against which we were clearly opposed, pointing out that the blow was already on the verge when we could oppose our reaction. Many players resolve by sticking to their head, ignoring any defensive guts and throwing shots at you, but you will realize that this is an immense limit for a combat system that would otherwise be ranked among the most fulfilling for the clashes body to body. So, what should be a medieval combat simulator turns too often into a dispute between drunkards who give them a holy reason as if there was no tomorrow. The issue is further complicated with launching weapons, such as axes, jaguars or bows, whose bullets, in case of overcrowding, start more than one second after the end of the screen animation, fading every attempt to take the It aims. As at the end of the previous paragraph, one wonders why it has been chosen to allow clashes between so many teams if the system can not handle them as it should. If you want to add a bit of seasoning to the bad reach we face, we could talk about the many graphic glitches that the game still suffers, the frequent crashes that have brought us back several times to the desktop, some bugs identical to those in the War of the Roses (like glitch) and so on, but I think you've realized that the situation is not rosy and so there is no need to add more.

War of the Vikings needs more work. The long early access phase did not serve him much, as the full version comes with bugs and bugs that had been reported by the players but were not solved. If you could have an eye on the situation before, since the game has a lot of quality to offer, now we are forced to warn and not to buy. We are not talking about problems to overcome, but technical issues that can compromise games completely.


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  • The combat system is technical and profound
  • The maps are varied and beautiful to see
  • The few music are really evocative
  • The chaos hangs over every clash
  • There is so much, too much lag
  • The respawn is run badly
Gameplay - 7.5
Graphics - 9.5
Audio - 7.5

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