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Virtual Mix DJ is a software that allows you to emulate two or more turntables connected to a mixer with your PC / MAC. Instead of classic discs, audio files are used, such as mp3s and WAVs or CDs. Having two sound cards or a sound card with multiple outputs, you can also hear the preview.

The program has available both musical effects and visual effects (also available from the manufacturer’s website), useful for mixing the various pieces. Also on the site there are various skins that change the appearance of the software.

Virtual Mix DJ can also mix music videos with separate audio and video management with numerous transition effects.

This program can represent a first approach to the world of djing without the excessive cost that a traditional console entails. Clearly, when you decide to use this type of software on a professional level, it turns out that a digital console does not cost less than a “traditional” console.

Many young disc jockeys and aspiring aspirants consider it not only useful to start testing, but a viable alternative to the cumbersome and relatively expensive conventional equipment.

Some old-style DJs fear that their world will be invaded by kids without experience, skilled at using these programs and willing to work at too low a fee, if not free, bringing the average DJ cachet to decrease steadily.

In fact, these software, like others (including Ableton Live, VisualDiscoMix, Traktor Scratch Pro, Serato Scratch Live), are now used by many famous DJs (to quote Sasha, James Zabiela, John Digweed, Italians Amerigo Provenzano, Rudy B and Alex Neri) as well as thousands of professional DJs all over the world, although many features of the program itself, when compared with the previously mentioned software, are qualitatively more limited as well as quantitatively reduced, which is why it is a software widespread (very much in the freeware format, while the paid version is much less if you exclude cases where the program is downloaded illegally) due to the substantial ignorance of novices and not on the vastness of the market in question, is still considered a console virtual of minor importance and secondary class compared to the aforementioned Ableton Live (which also supports the functionality DAW), Serato and Traktor with its variants, the three most famous software rightfully for a purpose of djing Live. However, over the years, Virtual DJ has developed three versions of use: Virtual DJ “Home Free”: a free version with substantial limitations (allows 10-minute sessions in professional mode). Virtual DJ “Limited Edition”: a version supplied with some controllers limited to the use of the same. Virtual DJ “Professional Full”: the most complete version, with all the professional plug-ins, assistance, free updates, complete video functions and the possibility to use all compatible controllers .. Noteworthy is the victory as “Best DJing software “at the International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) in the editions 2010 and 2013 bringing visibility to the software and consecrating it as a professional level software recognized like Traktor and Serato. One of the winning cards of Virtual DJ is the ability to manage and mix video (in the Professional Full version), becoming a versatile software for both DJs and VJs. In terms of audio and video, Virtual DJ is completely customizable through the various plug-ins on the official website and can be downloaded free of charge by owners of the “Professional Full” license, a factor that has brought visibility to the software making it easily malleable to specific needs of the user who uses it. Over the years, in order to keep up with Virtual DJ, a plug-in for payment has been introduced in Serato’s software to implement the possibility of mixing videos, while the old and noble Traktor has been resting on his laurels for years audio mix.

For non-commercial purposes and for users who do not require particularly advanced tools, a freeware version of Virtual DJ is now available, without evaluation periods, which contains all the essential basic functions.

Historically, Virtual Mix DJ has taken to be a professional software for performance, which could be a result of having initially produced software that today would appear to be very simple, or that it has given away millions of stepping stone in DJ software, or maybe even just the name (“Virtual DJ” implies the opposite of “real DJ”, after all). The graphical user interface has become a point of contention for some DJs: It was cramped. And while fans argued that you could be remedied by downloading user-created skins, should you really have to, detractors asked?

Well, I’ve some good news. The first thing that struck me when I fired up Virtual Mix Dj was the crisp the interface looked: I believe this is the first DJ app to support for Retina / high DPI displays, and There is an incredibly huge difference in how I use the latest versions of Traktor and Serato DJ on my computer. Once you’ve seen just how sharp everything looks, you’ll wonder why NI and Serato still have not implemented this in their software. It just looks so good and reads!

If you thought it was a problem, you might find it cramped still now: Your effects and hot cues now reside on the edge of the screen, and while this is the area around the decks a lot cleaner, the top of the screen, where the songs are listed. There are some tabs and drop-down menus to navigate, so you’re definitely going to want to use a trackpad to go through them unless you’ve got a robust controller. You will need to use your trackpad anyway if you want to explore all the extra features that Virtual Mix Dj has (more on that later in this article).

Virtual Mix DJ is known for having one of the largest, list of officially compatible controllers that work out of the box (210 at the moment. no more additional mapping necessary. In contrast to software like Serato DJ whose compatibility is exclusive to select few controllers, Virtual Mix DJ breaks all walls, letting you use it practically with any controller you want – even one you build yourself, provided you’ve purchased the proper software license.

Virtual Mix Dj comes with three different licensing options: if you plan on using Virtual Mix Dj without any other kit such as a DJ controller or mixer, it’s free under the Home User License. Second, if you’re going to use it for non-commercial purposes, and you do not make any money off of the DJing, but you want to use a controller, there’s the Advanced from US $ 49 to US $ 199 depending on your controller model (you can check out a lot of license for your controller costs on the Virtual DJ homepage). Lastly, if you’re going to be using Virtual Mix DJ for shows, there’s the Professional User license. This license gets you access to all controllers, podcast storage and the ability to use. You can opt for a one-time payment of US $ 299, or an ongoing monthly payment of US $ 19, ie a subscription model too. I found this a bit puzzling but it works for SaaS companies, so maybe they just decided to give it a go. I strongly suspect most DJs will want to buy, not subscribe to, their DJ software.)


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  • The software performs very well
  • Equalizers are really professional
  • Interface easy and pro
  • The pro version is quite expensive
  • Technical support needs to be improved
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 8
Audio - 9

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