It can not be said that Japan has become accustomed to great technical-technical conversion, especially if we think of PC versions of their products. When a few weeks ago it was announced - and promptly released - Bayonetta on Steam, many wondered what kind of porting we would find in our hands. Platinum Games, as the most beautiful of Cinderella, has amazed us and made us cheer up, finally proving that even a deeply-connected world console study, if you rely on those who owe it, can put a flush conversion on the dish. Vanquish, just a few weeks away, follows exactly that same line. Released in the far post-2010 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Shinji Mikami's third-person shooter is now able to boost your personal computer boom

Like seven years ago, even this time, Vanquish will be remembered in the annals of the video game for a fantastic and original narrative component. Is this all the more important? The answer is no"! The third-person shooter of Platinum Games, which repeatedly (and in a way improved) Gears of War, laid its foundations on the now-inflatable, futuristic world, run by government leaders who abused it and reduced it to a cumulus of a few energy resources. In the face of this crisis situation, building an orbiting station that can accumulate solar energy becomes the center of a factional confrontation that sees us as a DARPA agent, such as Sam Gideon. When a state coup in Russia leads the Zaitsev despot, head of the Red Star Order, the attack on the station becomes inevitable. On these premises, a narrative arc is built that includes all the contradictions and problems of the modern world, forgetting its originality, but keeping in mind an epic and explosive scene in all senses. The protagonist is called to avoid an attack from within the city of New York and, headed by Colonel Burns, will have on its shoulders the fate of what remains of our world. If you feel something stereotyped, you know it is. This does not mean that the six to eight hours needed to complete the adventure are able to give more than a moment of tension and exaltation.

Often Platinum Games games are able to base their entire gameplay on a single, great find. Just as Bayonetta lives with his "Witch Time" or the recent NieR: Automata lurks in the arrogance of the long and harmonious frustration of his androids, Vanquish puts on the plate a progression system in the gaming environment that made it the fortune and raised his praise until he became part of his homeland. Much of the charm of the game is in fact based on the mobility guaranteed by the suit worn by Sam. Calling ARS, this jewel in the near future technology is able, among other things, to scan and reproduce in a fraction of a second all the weapons it knows and has already analyzed. What makes it irreplaceable is a propulsion system that allows our alter ego to slip for tens and tens of meters, relying on steering gears. Everything is clearly a price and, in the case of ARS, this is paid in overheating. If used too long or hit more than necessary, the suit needs a period of time to return to its optimal shape, leaving Sam uncovered and vulnerable. This single premise is based on the gameplay of a game that varies from situations of total frenzy (with bullet time activated during sliding) to more strategic management moments.

In this sense, it is extremely well-liked, even at a distance of years, to choose to slow down the movements of the protagonist when it is not using its propulsion engines, as well as the forced slow-motion effect and subsequent cooling of the suit when it is in criticisms following a series of blows. Following this straightforward and simple scheme, you will continue throughout the adventure, on the backdrop of such stereotypes, and divide the various areas with the classic talents of Platinum Games. The arsenal with which it is possible to equip itself does not detach itself from such stylistics, showing classical assault rifles, rifles, precision rifles and rocket launchers; but also taking some poetic license, including strange technologies such as a gun capable of launching a true field of strength and a laser cannon, the latter extremely powerful but risky, not using simple ammunition but the energy itself of the suit. Bosses could certainly not miss a production action as it should be, and here Vanquish´s are funny and in some cases even demanding, albeit always balanced in the right way. With some unique mechanics and map management, end-of-section clashes let you play with great taste, despite some uncertainty in the weakbox hitboxes that do not always respond in the right way.

Vanquish has always been a jewel. Released in vain and dragged alone and solely by the overwhelming name of his director, he did not enjoy the immediate success he would have deserved. By the time, however, it has become a real cult, gaining a place among the great of its kind. This re-edition brings with it a general cleanliness that does not come close to the technological heights we are now accustomed to, but that confirms it as a jewel for what is the visual and performance aspect. What strikes most is an impressive frame rate, capable of keeping the sixty frames per second in any situation and without a slight hesitation. Where custom PC conversions are faded and pulled for hair, as well as hardly tested and optimized accordingly, Vanquish - just like Bayonetta a month ago - will tease you tears of joy, showing you all its potential and a graphic compartment who, net of the seven years since the release, still knows how to defend himself more than honestly. Unfortunately, the same problems are already present in the original and can be found in an exquisitely unsatisfactory course of the campaign and a small amount of extra content that is limited to some little challenge. On the other hand, the management is divided into acts and missions, and the ability to replay each of them to the difficulty that you prefer, allows a good degree of replayability. If you think that all of this God's good is about twenty euros, you can feel more than satisfied.

Vanquish is exactly what we remembered. Can give you hours of phantasmagorical frenzy and let us forget the little originality of the recent members of this genre, not least a Gears of War 4 that is not exactly exhilarating. If what you wanted to see on PC was a well-optimized title, open your digital wallet and let it overwhelm the lead of the ARS jumper drives. Whether you are new players or veterans of the past, know that you will not regret it. Vanquish retains all its qualities and shows a gameplay that even after more than a luster is up to date and nowhere to go!


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  • Frenetic and adrenaline like a TPS should be
  • The slippage is worth the price of the ticket alone
  • Adventure management allows discreet rewritability
  • It lasts little, and this does not change with the years
  • Few extra content, as well as seven years ago
Gameplay - 4
Graphics - 6
Audio - 7

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