Ultra Despair Girls

Ultra Despair Girls is a third-person shooter with a rather classic design and very slow rhythms.


The Danganrompa series has had excellent chapters and Danganrompa 2: Goodbye Despair is probably the best exponent. The great strength of Spike Chunsoft gaming has always been to keep a minimum common denominator and to propose to its fan base many different, fun, and out-of-the-way experiences. Danganone Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, in addition to having a particularly long title, is also one of the fewer known episodes because it just came out on the Sony portable home and is a spin-off of the main saga. Just over two years after the launch, Ultra Despair Girls are trying to play live on PlayStation 4 with a porting that we have tried for you these days. Conversions from PlayStation Vita to PlayStation 4 are never a bargain, especially when it comes to adapting the game to a control system that is free of any touch screen, so we were curious to find out how the production would behave in this case. Let's go find it together.

We do not want to get too much into the detail of the plot to try to avoid any spoiler but the fact that this Danganrompa is right between Trigger Happy Havoc and Goodbye Despair makes the task particularly difficult. Just know that the title is full of quotes and references and to enjoy it at best it would be better to have played the two chapters just mentioned. However, if the series is not exactly between your strings, Ultra Despair Girls might have fun just because of its unplugged storyline and a totally new gameplay. We will find ourselves dressed in the shoes of young Komaru Naegi (yes, Makoto's sister), a teenager forced to live in a no-exit room, abducted by no one knows who. The slow monotony of the days is suddenly broken when the armed door enters a violent Monokuma ready to break it down, an event that starts a story over the rows. Our innocent protagonist will find himself escaping from a sadistic violent game created by a group of kids who panicked the whole city with the aim of eliminating every single adult still alive. Helping us in this business will also act as crazy Toko Fukawa, with whom we will try to escape from the city. To get the overall picture of what you are expecting from this incipit you will have to add the classic situations and characters out of the head of the series, elements that blend intelligently into a brilliant narrative, probably the highest point of the entire production.

It is when it comes to getting into Ultra Despair Girls life, in fact, starting to get out of the first magnates and some of the all-things justifiable on PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 becomes intolerable because of a truly accomplished porting job with the least effort. Danganon Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is a third-person shooter with a rather classic design and very slow rhythms. The movements of the two protagonists are woody and the target system does not hide any important quality. It's all very classic, with the need to eliminate Monokuma's lazy hordes while exploring every corner of the city, looking for collectable and clues that deepen plot and characters. The compassionate movements of the protagonist make a rhythm of gameplay that never gets exasperating, leaving the player all the time in the world to target the weaknesses of the Monokuma, more specifically in the left eye, which allows them to kill them on the blow and load a Special shot for the next shot. In more complex situations, Toko will be able to recall with his scissors that he will start knocking the enemies into the body by means of an extremely simplified beat em up system, where combo and super make him a boss. The two protagonists alternate with five chapters that are not too demanding, for a total duration of about twenty hours, but with little rewritability despite the presence of the new game plus bonus mode of any specific addition. In an attempt to donate a bit of variety to everything, then we will think of arcade machines, game sections where you will find the best method to quickly overcome the areas infested by Monokuma by exploiting the different abilities of our weapon. There is no classic gun in Komaru, but a powerful megaphone with eight types of bullets. Some cause direct damage, others allow you to dance the target while immobilizing it while others still have the function of moving some specific elements of the scenario to give more depth to the exploration. What comes out is a nice product to play but still quite backward.

The Truth Bullet, so are the different types of bullet, can then be boosted together with Toko's body-building skills, and you can buy from some stalls to apply to shots, freely mixable to get extra special effects. A system that rewards experimentation and gives more variety to the gaming system. There is even a rather basic personality growth system, linked to collectable books scattered around the maps, nothing that shouts the miracle for originality. Analyzing everything that accompanies the game system you can observe a construction of the little inspired and fairly straightforward levels, with so many backtracking phases. The biggest problem in this case is the heavy and frequent uploads that the title goes behind PlayStation Vita and that in this homecoming edition they break the game's rhythm excessively. From this point of view, much more could be done, and even intermezzo scenes management has not gone quite well. Danganon Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls uses some animated two-dimensional artwork to tell the plot, and sometimes, during game sessions, the action with scenes scenes exploited by the gaming engine, while others still use animated shorts. Choices that confuse and show a discontinuity we did not really appreciate.


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  • The Truth Bullets are a nice find
  • Interesting story
  • Now the whole series is also on PlayStation 4
  • Technically very backward
  • So much backtracking
  • Extremely low curve of difficulty
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 8
Audio - 8.5

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