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Try to 10 web apps services by batteryfast

With Google’s Chrome OS nearly upon us, next year looks like it will be the big one for web apps. But you don’t need a Chrome OS computer to get cracking.

Before you throw yourself into the abandon of the New Year celebrations, fish out your laptop, fire up the Mac, park yourself in front of the PC and take a gander at our list of 10 web services to try before 2011.



Music streaming apps are becoming more common but mflow has a uniquely social take on the idea, as well as a pleasantly minimalist interface. With over 5 million tracks and claiming to offer “No ads, no subscriptions, just music.” mflow plans to make money by selling high-quality MP3s of the music it streams. It’s still in beta but has just opened up signups to the public.


You know that space in GMail to the right of an email that Google usually fills with contextual ads? Rapportive will fill it with contextual social network info about the person who mailed you. There are plugins for most browsers and bookmarklets for others. It’s a small thing, but surprisingly useful. In fact when we came to write this we had almost forgotten about it – not because it’s rubbish, but because it just feels like the way Gmail should handle social data. Nice.

Chrome web store

Google is confident that Chrome OS is going to transform the way we use the web to get things done. While we wait for it to make an impact, don’t forget that you can get a taste of the web app revolution via the Chrome web store, where you can download extensions for the Chrome browser to do just about anything.

Improve your images

There are many imaging editing sites that offer enough tools to rival Photoshop. Improve your images just does what it says – chuck an image at it and it will make it better, sharpening up blurs, fixing poor lighting and just generally sprucing things up.


Prezi will let you create jaw-droppingly good presentations that run from within the browser. Seriously, laptop battery once you run one of Prezi’s swooping, infinitely zooming  presentations past your boss you will never want to go back to boring old Powerpoint again.


Hunch is the brainchild of Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake. It is a recommendation engine that asks you a few (often rather oblique) questions and builds a profile of your tastes before suggesting other sites, services and products you might like. A host of associated services and apps such as the Hunch Local iPhone app can make further recommendation and you can use Hunch as a sort of personalised search engine.


iPhone owners has been enjoying Instagram for a while but PicPlz is shaping up to be a credible cross-platform alternative. Upload pics direct from your phone or on the web (sign in using your Twitter or Facebook ids) and instantly apply filters and effects. The site has a social element and will recommend other people you know on social sites for you to follow.


We’ve got into the habit of emailing ourselves shopping lists, then asking our partner to mail any more updates if she realises we’re running low on anything. OurGroceries takes this idea and makes it about a thousand times better by giving you a list that can be updated via the web and Android and iOS apps that will show the updates live. It also stores the ingredients for your favourite meals to make writing a shopping list even quicker.


Carbonite is a simple, almost thought-free backup system that will slurp up your valuable data and stash it away in the cloud. All your sensitive data is encrypted and you can get at it remotely using a web browser or via Carbonite’s iPhone or BlackBerry apps. Get stuck into Carbonite, battery and get yourself some peace of mind for 2011.

Google Latitude

Yes, we know this has been around for a while but a lack of iOS support has meant that Goole’s superb location service has been somewhat relegated to the sidelines. Now that there is a proper Latitude iPhone app we expect the influx of Apple fans will give it a boost and the lonely Android owners will suddenly see a lot more of their friends pop up on their local map.

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