Toy Blast

Toy Blast recreates a magical, colorful and really enjoyable world to see. From the graphic point of view you will have sparkling levels, full of really well-made effects.


It's been a long time since smartphones and tablets took the place of newspapers and magazines when you're in the quietest time of the day, or when you're relaxed on the toilet cup. WC games are not bad games, but this phrase tends to identify those apps that are too much pretentious, but that are often well-made or fun, allowing us to spend some moments of complete relaxation. King of this category is, without a doubt, Candy Crush, one of the first puzzle games to become a real fashion. After the release of the King labeled product, other titles, more or less inspired, appeared on Android or iOs stores. A particularly successful experiment takes the name of Toy Blast, which takes on Candy Crush's big hands, with a style and a whole system.


For several months, by now, I'm playing at Toy Blast, a title I found by chance on the App Store. It's basically a puzzle game that, once connected via Facebook, you have to go through the hundreds of levels present, trying to win all three stars and beat the records of your friends on the social network. Speaking of the real game, it is always necessary to combine at least two blocks of the same color to make them disappear, within a tot number of moves. Also by combining several blocks, you can create rockets, TNT dynamite and Rubik cubes, each with its own features. Rockets can destroy the entire row of colored blocks, dropping a new one, TNT can sweep away some in a confined area and the cubes will wipe out all the squares of the same color.

On Toy Blast you can then combine these upgrades and create total destruction situations: TNT and Rockets will create a giant rocket, TNT and TNT will create a larger explosion, while joining the cube will settle into the colored boxes. There are also 'paid' bonuses, as is the case with Candy Crush, or objects that can make life easier for the player such as the drill destroying a block or the vacuum cleaner that absorbs all the boxes in a row.

The thing that most surprised us about Toy Blast, however, is the variety of situations we face, an always different challenge for each of the about a thousand levels available. There are no jigsaw puzzles, worms that are too simple or hasty, but always a good challenge to test our intellectual abilities. It starts from the bubbles, the ice blocks that tend to increase its range, impossible to eliminate some cubes, to the bricks, white or colored that will be eliminated only if they will create combinations of two or more colors in their vicinity. In addition to these there are piggy banks, which can only be eliminated from upgrades.

In addition, each level on Toy Blast will present several missions: in some cases you will have to drop the toys from the top by eliminating the blocks and leaving them out of the screen; in others you will need to eliminate a certain number of colored cubes; in others, the bubbles or colored blocks will have to be destroyed. By proceeding in the levels, it will be even more complicated to solve puzzles, for example, in some cases there will be almost almost icy levels, or in others you will need to create a tot number of cubes to complete a mission.

Toy Blast is the classic free title that includes some micro transactions to simplify life. The game itself does not need to spend money if you want to squeeze the menys best, but, for the lazy ones with some money available, pay-to-win is around the corner. By buying coins you will be able to meet certain needs, such as having ever-available lives, or enjoy the paid bonuses with which to start every challenge. Of course, in this way the title is snapped, and, as usual, we tell you to be careful about micro transactions, which, once put together, are not micro. Toy Blast provides different challenges and tournaments every day with different winning conditions: in some cases you will have to collect as many stars as possible, and in others you will overcome impossible levels.

If you win, the prize will be a good set of coins, but know that it will not be easy at all. In fact, there is still the possibility of hacking the game, especially for Android users, to make it simpler, perhaps using upgrades and endless objects. Too bad, because this thing upsets the path of the honest user who plays because he likes to do it and stop. For all 'sports' players, on Toy Blast you will be able to retrieve lives or wait for the bar to recharge, or to request it to friends in Facebook.


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  • Simple gameplay for all ages
  • Extremely addictive
  • Progressively more challenging
  • Long waits for more lives
  • Later levels may require in-app purchases to complete
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7

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