Terraria follows Minecraft on its own ground, but renounces to a dimension: the result is an exciting and long-lasting game, the son of an indie philosophy that is reaping successes on success.


Terraria follows Minecraft on its own ground, but renounces to a dimension: the result is an exciting and long-lasting game, the son of an indie philosophy that is reaping successes on success

To understand Terraria, now a few months after its release, it must first be the problem of its success, which obviously follows that of Minecraft, which is a two-dimensional clone. The question is, how does the triple market A ever succeeded in escaping a similar pattern that is based on a very simple concept: to stimulate user creativity. Terraria does not have a state-of-the-art graphics, as it fades in front of that of many 16-bit platform platforms. It does not even have some of the features that are considered fundamental in all modern video games to not alienate the user, such as a detailed tutorial or classic tricks (arrows, maps, and so on) that guide you step by step along the levels.

Terraria is a tough game with a very steep curve of learning. You die often and just as often you get lost in the depths of the earth, maybe because you do not have the torches with which to illuminate the caves or because sometimes it seems to dig in empty. And yet they have bought it in hundreds of thousands and immediately a similar phenomenon was created around the game, albeit small in size, compared to the success with Minecraft: dedicated sites were born and thousands of users began to publish their created works by playing. Of course, it does not offer all the possibilities of Notch's masterpiece, also because of the lesser size it has, but the effect it is played by playing it is similar: addiction. It will be that when you start building a home you want to carry it out, costs what it costs.

In short, a title like Terraria does not cost a lot, it passes for weeks, if not months, and is supported more and better than any triple A production. When writing this review we have just had to test version 1.05, which adds a lot of content. So much that if Re-Logic wanted to sell them as DLC. But nothing, all free. According to you, is Terraria a case for months in the top ten of Steam, taking the lead and overcoming the sales of games that will cost thousands of times, advertised everywhere?

Yet describing it is not so interesting (but could not you say the same as Minecraft?): In the shoes of a young hero you have to dig in the search for material to use to create a stronghold well-defended by the enemies of Terraria´s world, where to host other People and make the equipment suitable for dealing with the most dangerous monsters and bosses. Interesting? And if we told you that most of the gaming time goes to dig in search of the most valuable materials? We are talking about hours and hours of life as a virtual miner where zombies and slime are the most pressing problems and where the sighting of a golden thread can be compared to a miraculous event. Funny? Apparently no, and then why does anyone start playing it can not stop? Why do you spend time admiring the fruit of your work, melting materials, combining artifacts and doing all the activities that in any other game would be considered deleterious?

Terraria has the same charm as a piece of modeling clay for the child or of a block of marble for Michelangelo. What you want is already on the map, you just have to find it and get it out. The taste is to perceive the spurious matter as a potential from which to generate an idea, a creation, to be displayed permanently on the internet.

There are also platform and combat sections on Terraria, but are secondary to the rest and you only notice them when you have succeeded in doing what you wanted at the construction level; because all adventures in the most dangerous areas with a wooden sword and a bucket on his head means certain death. In fact, there is some graduation in exploration, because some areas become safe only when you have a good armor and a good set of weapons (or maybe the right magic ... yes, in Terraria you can become Even wizards). There are lots of special items to create by following very difficult recipes (especially some of the ones added by the patch 1.05 are really complex) and objects that have a mere ornamental function, especially for patting up with other players and making screenshots (or Movies) to be put online.

Among the most noteworthy novelties of Patch 1.05 there is the 'Hardcore' mode, which makes common enemies and bosses more difficult to eliminate, increasing the already high difficulty of Terraria and creating the ultimate experience for the player you never have to ask.


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  • Overcome the initial impact of disorientation, gameplay causes dependence
  • Better an iron sword today or a Muramasa tomorrow?
  • It costs little but it can last ten (or hundreds) hours
  • it is Minecraft in 2D, so it can not be considered original
  • Having more documentation straight into the game would be convenient
Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 9.5
Audio - 10

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