Tempest offers a classic theme for the video game industry, that of piracy. The illegal copy of the software in this case does not come in, as it is rumored to be scorbling for the seven seas on a fortunate ship. In short, it's a title on Pirates's crap and all that's achieved, though much more dynamic.

To sum it up, we could describe it as an open world traveling from one port to another and as ships sail, go for booty and missions to accumulate more and more resources to improve their own vessel and become increasingly competitive. The missions to be played are varied, but all of them are easily perceived by the theme: from simple cargo or men transport, to support the factions that dominate the various islands by helping them in naval battles, to seek out pirates who have decided to put sticks between the wheels or, better, cannon balls in the hull. Tempest has a major campaign, which missionary mission tells us a story of classic piracy and no particular guitars. Hundreds of secondary missions are, however, available in ports and are assigned on a variety of criteria, such as the relationship with local government, fame, and so on. Entering a friendship means being able to take advantage of various services, such as a warehouse where you can store surplus assets, a shop where you can buy cannon balls, special items and goods, and the classic tavern where you hired the crew. Entering an enemy port means instead being bombarded by sight-seeing towers, which can be properly demolished, as long as you are powerful enough to do so (otherwise you should run away and return later). As you determine your joining to a certain faction, you should already have understood it: help it and you will be open all the doors, cannon it and give you its lead. Pure math of basic social relationships.

Tempest is structured in several screens that help you manage your own adventure. Usually you navigate by setting the route on a map. It is the most convenient way to go from one point to the other and, above all, to see where our goals are. The second system, much longer and tedious, is to take the ship's controls directly and travel in real time.

The right time to get to the helm is during the fights. From this point of view Tempest offers a very simple system: with the movement keys the ship rotates and the speed increases. To hit an enemy ship, you have to get it into the cannon, then press the fire button. Depending on the crew on board, the quality of the ship and the cannons and the possessed objects, there are variations in the amplitude of the radius of fire, in their precision and recharging rate, as well as in the effectiveness of the stroke. In some cases it is also possible to board enemy ships, after having properly fired them, and start at the armpit. In this way you get more booty (catching it from the ocean always loses something). The direct clash between the squads depends above all on how many men have used the task and how we handle the forces in the field. Usually you have to eliminate a few enemy shooters first, then board and finish the opera. Depending on the strength of the opposing ship, however, different situations may occur. In short, the combat system is fairly simple, but not trivial, and it is good in the flow of play, made of very fast passes (you never lose too much time in the single operation). A structural choice of this kind is justified by the ability to play the entire online campaign: too many long runs would end up making games heavy. Instead, in this way, you can also play for relatively short times, without losing anything in the experience.

Unfortunately Tempest has more than one problem. One of the most obvious, but also the most easily compatible with the practice, is the interface, which is mostly dispersive and intuitive at first. For example, it is wondering why the summary of missions is not on the same screen as the assignments, as it can easily be agreed that it would be better if the store could compare what you buy with what you already have , perhaps through a more traditional inventory.

In general, the interface seems to have been more thought for a touch screen than the mouse, with screen drags and more. As already mentioned, however, in this case the practice largely compensates for the difficulties and soon forgets the problems faced. Decisively more serious are some flaws that affect gameplay, some bugged, others with unimaginative design. We start from bugs describing a situation that has happened to us several times: we are at sea, we face a fight and we are defeated. The gaming system penalizes us by losing the load and makes us return to the nearest port. So far nothing strange, it is a shame that sometimes, trying to see the harbor, you find yourself with the sinking ship, while being moored at the dock. The second sinking, completely independent of our actions, is still behind all the casualties of the case and makes us lose other precious resources. It has not happened that much, but it has happened, and especially when it is at the beginning of the adventure and you are constantly in debt with resources, it can be a particularly frustrating experience. Another problem concerns the difficulty of entering the game. We usually do not complain of arduous games, but Tempest sometimes exaggerates in its unpredictability and ugliness. For example, it may happen that you encounter some ship to be plundered or some drift cargo. The problem is that by putting us in the lead of the ship to fight or carry out recovery operations, you are likely to be attacked by fleets of suddenly arriving ships from whoever, much stronger than our current level. Getting away often is not an option, because opponents can easily sink with artillery. In short, defeat, with relative loss of cargo, is certain. Again in this case, the experience helps to save itself, but the real risk is to alienate the player in the early hours, making it problematic to continue.

Tempest is a good title dedicated to the world of pirates who would benefit from some finishing, but that lets you play. Of course, it does not offer anything innovative or revolutionary, but it does its duty and will surely like the fans of the genre, recently orphans of good titles. On the other hand, it does not really stand out from any point of view, both technical and gameplay, and has an initial difficulty that could curb less-favored players.


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  • Solid gameplay
  • An open world agile and without long stretches
  • There are many missions to play
  • The entrance barrier is thick
  • Some balancing problems
  • Narratively insulsified
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 9
Audio - 7.5

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