Splatoon 2

Net of a wonderful multiplayer component and a richer outline than in the original, Splatoon 2 is a title that resembles the work done by Nintendo on several of its franchises.


Splatoon was an important title: Nintendo before that moment had never given the impression of wanting to put a foot in the competitive shooter world, leaving the burden of this challenge first time to a young internal team, at least as far as the Rather conservative customs of the Japanese working culture, and proposing a personal formula, very different from the standards of the genre. No blood or guts in sight, better than the battles between strange humanoid calamari with fanciful shoot-paint weapons. The opportunity was also to experiment with the so-called "live games", evolving titles that change and content content over the months, a pact with the users that Nintendo has maintained and which has contributed to making the product A small phenomenon, at home but not only. Splatoon was an important title, we said, but came out on the wrong console: the clamorous failure of Wii U certainly did not do justice to a brilliant formula, which now has a second great chance of imposing on a wider and heterogeneous audience. After Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and ARMS, on Switch is about to land the last element of a screaming triptych for all multiplayer lovers.

The offer of Splatoon 2 does not deviate excessively from that of its predecessor, at least in appearance. From the central lobby, a colorful futuristic square full of shops and characters, you can access all of the game modes. Single player, multiplayer and, for the first time, also coop. However, the variety of options should not be fooled: it is good to immediately make it clear that, as far as the outline is concerned, the competitive experience remains the precious piece of experience that focuses on the challenging four out of four challenges. In Match Friendly you always play with the rules of Midge Mollusca, then with three minutes to grab the surface of the stage, trying to pass your color on that opponent and using the weapons in his possession for the dual purpose of painting the ground and Explode the four molluscs of the enemy team. It's a very simple formula but the speed of action and the tedious mix of situations that come into being make it a drug from which it is very, very complex to break away.

Among other things, the simple contour created by Nintendo on Splatoon 2, made up of points of experience to be accumulated and levels to climb, quickly gives access to an arsenal that counts on a main weapon, a super-secondary activable filled with a special indicator and a grenade. With money you can remake your wardrobe, improving your style (and Splatoon is a stylish universe, just look at any screenshots) but also getting precious bonuses. Nothing new, yet well-structured in such a way as to give a sense of progression and gratify the user. The idea of ​​replacing bullets with paint has, among other things, opened up a range of possibilities: guns, rifles, machine guns and precision weapons alternate with rollers, brushes and buckets. In this sequence the arsenal has further expanded: new fire guns (by paint?) Alternate with those already known, in turn finished. Repolper Duplo is perhaps the most interesting of the novelties, a perfect double pistol for close encounters that, when used, replaces the jump with a dodge that makes it really unpredictable. It may not seem like much to the first test, but you realize how deadly it is when you face an opponent who can exploit it at its best. Also interesting is the change made to the Roller class, which now when used in jumping does not spray the paint horizontally but vertically, making it more versatile.

All the variety offered by some thirty weapons on Splatoon 2, ranging from variants and variants, is useful in Midgechurch mode but becomes even more decisive when faced with Pro Matches. Level 10 is reached with the second option in the competitive menu, with three Different lotteries that match those of the previous chapter. In Mobile Tower you have to escort a cube along a checkpoint path; Bazookarp asks to conquer a bizarre carp-shaped weapon, then transport it to a point close to the respawn opponent; Finally Splat Area is a variant of Territories asking to focus on certain areas of the map. In Game Pro, things are more complex and the decisive team play, with the additional complication of having to look at your rank as you reach level B- you can access League matches, deal with a friend or Directly forming a team of four and seeing it with the best and most organized teams in circulation, always on the usual turn-over of maps and starting from the previous mode. As for the internships, the new ones largely reflect the open and articulated design of the past. A return, Town Towers, will give a small touch of familiarity to those already familiar, but the others are unpublished and generally all well-designed and made. The geopolitical and more guided spaces of Porto Polpo alternate with the Frenzy of the Polisportivo Center, but in general each map has its uniqueness and needs to be stored best to avoid bad figures.

What strikes positively at Splatoon 2 is the alchemy that he can create: having to color the map and "splatter" the opponents at the same time allows a series of approaches and choices at every moment of the game, but above all the fast rhythms and the formula Which does not prove punitive at any point in the clash, even when playing in a team that is not well equipped, give a sense of contentment and constant fun. The same refined equilibrium that has always been found in Mario Kart and recently convinced in the limited ARMS, are here in all their strength; No wonder now, but it's good to remember it. Before and after the mainstream of Splatoon 2, the competitive multiplayer, there are the previously mentioned single player modes and the brand new Salmon Run. The solo adventure of the original had been criticized for lack of thickness, it was roughly an articulated tutorial but nothing that could go further in terms of stimuli and complexity of the solutions adopted. In the following, the solfa would seem at first the same, with the levels of the first world rather tedious and devoted to teaching the basic mechanics, in fact, things are slowly getting more encouraging until they blossom completely from the third world onwards. Clearly, you do not have to wait for miracles and in the end Nintendo can do better, but occasionally disconnecting from the stress of competition in favor of something more relaxing helps, the variety this time does not miss and the bosses are always spectacular. If you've always dreamed of fighting a huge samurai octopus moving on a tiny mono cycle, you've found bread for your teeth.

Splatoon 2 does turn to classic Horde mode: a team of up to four elements must eliminate three waves of opponents, including "regular" soldiers and bosses with special powers that, once defeated, leave on the ground of the golden spheres that go Transported to a suitable container. At the end of the three mini combat sessions, if they survived, they pull the sums, gain experience points and so on. Everything is very nice and at times quite challenging, because enemies are abundant in fantasy and dynamic stages help to make the battles unpredictable, but this slice of the offer is all too thin and will hardly be entertained for more than a few hours. It will not be so much to understand what Zombie mode is for Call of Duty, rather the icing on a very rich cake.

Net of a wonderful multiplayer component and a richer outline than in the original, Splatoon 2 is a title that resembles the work done by Nintendo on several of its franchises. Also technically. The glimpse is very close to the one in the first chapter, and in some cases, as for the stores where to buy clothing and weapons, there seems to be a strong recycling of assets. In fact the leap forward has been and it is noticed during the first matches. Graphics, at color time, are now more refined and precise, just wavering as you distribute paint on the surfaces and the spectacle of explosions or color sketches to see how well Nintendo Switch has done well to the visual component. Among other things, fluidity is granitic in all situations when you are in the lobby lobby, at 1080p when you connect Nintendo Switch to your TV and 720p in portable mode. The controls pose the dilemma of whether or not activate motion control to take aim, a solution that might seem more uncomfortable and unusual at first but is rather practical in the long run. In any case, the answer is immediate and after a few matches you take your hand with a system of movement and aims not entirely conventional but really well studied. The same can not be said of the management of the pre-match lobby: you can not go out and are a bit poor in options, for example they do not give way to change weapons unless they create private rooms, even if you have to say that Prolonged timing (and consequent boredom) are a classic plague of review sessions, when there are few players online, while the problem should not be played in stores. Also because it is a sales success.


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  • Colorful and fun
  • Competitive multiplayer rich and refined
  • Improved single player and cooperative mode are an interesting addition ...
  • ... while remaining out of bounds and presenting margins of improvement
  • The lobby and matchmaking system could be further refined
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 7.5
Audio - 8

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