Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is a kind of management that controls us on a ranch armed with a single handy tool able to suck and shoot slime and materials, with the ability to expand the equipment and instrumentation of the farm by investing The hard earned money.


Still not very well-known in the media but already well-liked during his long early-access phase on PC and Xbox One, which began last August on consoles and even in January 2016 on PC, Slime Rancher reaches its definitive shape and takes the spotlight These days also for his introduction to Games on Gold in August 2017 on Xbox One, revealing himself as a surprise as a true hit in this free title stream. At first glance, perhaps, Slime Rancher developed by Monomi Park is based on a very good idea - albeit crappy - idea and develops it in the best way in a balanced and profound structure that perhaps has also benefited from the long run of Early access to which it has been subjected. It tells the story of Beatrix LeBeau, an enterprising girl who, tired of the usual trance, decides to leave the Earth and travel for a thousand light years to the Far, Far Range area of ​​space, to make fortune devoted to herding Of slime. Yes, because the strange planet is uninhabited by mankind, but it is somewhat lively with regard to local alien species, which correspond to different types of slime: leaping eagles and endowed with different characteristics and aspects but all capable of producing a material called " Plort "that, as the name suggests, seems conceptually similar to faeces, but it represents an incredible source of interplanetary gain in the new space economy. In short, Slime Rancher does well in practice one of the old principles of land cultivation, which sees in the excrement an important source of wealth, translating too too literally this concept: therefore, you manage a ranch of alien creatures entirely focused on Production of caulk.

It was not for the aesthetic choice that was decisively tending to the kawaii, to see the subjective shot or the strange weapon pulled by the protagonist would be thought of a subjective shooter, perhaps in the Metroid style, with the alien setting. Nothing is wrong: Slime Rancher is a kind of management that controls us on a ranch armed with a single handy tool able to suck and shoot slime and materials, with the ability to expand the equipment and instrumentation of the farm by investing The hard earned money. The subjective-style shooter style makes action particularly dynamic, with the need to engage in various phases with a fast pace from exploration of the planet to constant control of the ranch situation, which is why it is also important to enhance the Own equipment to allow faster shifts and greater transport capacity. When the situation becomes more complex and complex, there is a slight lack of subjective gameplay for such a game, which perhaps requires a broader and more comprehensive look at the ranch's performance, but the subjective makes the idea of What may be the only human on a planet full of chaotic creatures that you have to take care of.

In the center of all this there are slime, alien beings that come in different types, shapes and sizes, and we will soon have to learn each feature and variant being the basis of the whole gaming economy. Creatures can be aspirated and released within special enclosures that will be carefully prepared and modified according to the need to safely contain the various types of aliens. It is not just a matter of collecting aesthetically different creatures, but of managing a real alien ecosystem in the best way, whose components obviously have an unprecedented total chaos, essentially driven by two priorities in life: eating and producing " plort ". The latter is the element around which the economy rotates, and needs to be appropriately aspirated and released within a special machinery that deals with payment in a manner directly proportional to the quantity and quality of harvested material.

You will soon create a love / hate relationship for these creatures, so cute but also so difficult to manage. From this point of view, it is also commendable the work done by developers in the construction of an artificial intelligence capable of following different but very well-characterized behavioral patterns of different species. Pink slime is the first to be found on the planet and is relatively easy to handle, eat anything and is not harmful but if left unmanaged and in large numbers they can organize themselves up one on the other to escape the fences and their Plort is not as lucrative as that of other species. Red or blue rocky slime produces high-quality and well paid discards but have unpredictable behavior and can cause damage when they move quickly. There are then flying, night and giant ones, so much to make examples, and for each of these varieties it is necessary to find a suitable containment system (raising the fences, closing them up, protecting them from light) and a fair method of power.

Every species eats different things, and to ensure a constant flow of food it is necessary to dedicate space to the ranch also for the cultivation of raw foodstuffs between wheat, hens, fruit trees and so on. It's important to keep the situation under control, because you can progressively invest in increasingly secure and automated ranch systems (high level fencing, food distribution and plutoplastics) but there is no Never the security that is all smooth when breeding counts many different species, considering also the rarest and most profitable ones often tend to have characters and behaviors just as difficult to handle. So there is always a way to alternate the exploration phases with racing to the ranch to check that everything goes well, developing a relationship of affection and fear for these bizarre and remarkably vital alien creatures. Like the new gremlins, there are general rules to be followed to avoid disasters, how to avoid mixing species and keep some sorts away from others, because wild as slime tend to eat the plort of others and generate bizarre mergers that can be Valuable but also detrimental to the balance of the ecosystem.

This is clearly an independent budget project, yet the aesthetic choices made by Monomi Park reveal a remarkable consistency in the vision of Slime Rancher, which is based on a well-characterized and non-trivial style. It is true that the general caretaker may seem somewhat ruffian, but hides a bizarre contrast to management difficulties and certain intriguing maladies in the mechanics of Slime Rancher (shooting slime from the weapon or burning them into an incinerator are practices considered normal in the care of their own Farm), not to mention the absurd situation of having to make money by selling the creatures excretions. It is clear that the humor based on the strange story of space shooter Beatrix LeBeau goes far beyond the absurd absurdities of the slime, esserines, however, really endowed with a certain charisma. Of course, stylization is also part of the need to balance accounts in terms of computational and graphic complexity, but the important thing in these cases is to emerge with an original and distinctive style, and on this front Slime Rancher fully achieves the goal.

There are still some technical rumblings on the Xbox One, especially with respect to the frame rate that seems somewhat unstable in different situations, but it is possible that these problems are easily resolved with subsequent updates, although after an early access period we would have Preferred not to have to wait for further updates to be able to play without problems. Stylish compactness also includes the audio compartment, which is not distinguished by particular qualities, but perfectly fits into the strange bucolic / alien, at times hellish, strange play. The delicacy with which the ambience is dotted and the variety of them makes the exploration of the planet truly enjoyable, attenuating the sense of monotony that may arise in the numerous and frequent incursions between the ranch and the different areas of the world.

The sense of satisfaction that unites all the video games based on some reproduction of agresti's life takes on a special declination in Slime Rancher, which is in this sense a truly original experiment. Satisfaction in proper ranch management adds to the collecting of the various alien creatures and the curiosity in exploring the strange world around us. Slime Rancher is well balanced with these components, enriched by a marked identity given by the particular graphic characterization. Beyond the scattered documents, perhaps a narrative substrate or a greater variety and amount of possible events outside the hunting / farm mechanics would help to avoid a sense of monotony that comes after exhaustion of the discovery and all 'Expansion of the collection, but as far as this will be, Slime Rancher will probably have already done its job.


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  • Excellent ranch management mechanics
  • The slime is wonderfully irresistible / terrible
  • Good balance between exploration and ranch care
  • Some negative point regarding the fluidity of the game
  • The subjective setting sometimes hampers a clear vision of the whole
  • In the long run, it becomes monotonous
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 7
Audio - 9

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