NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 promises to take the game to new heights and continue to blur the lines between video game and reality.


NBA 2K17 offers as a tradition an enormous amount of modalities in which you can literally sing to yourself or in the company of friends and acquaintances, locally or via the Internet, using the various NBA American teams, some national teams or historical teams (according to the version Of the game taken) or 21 of the best Europeans, including sixteen of this year's Euroleague, such as Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv, Panathinaikos Superfoods Athens or Real Madrid. Heart button production remain My Player / My Career and My GM / My League.

In the first one, which we have thoroughly analyzed in our experiment a few days ago and that we invite you to read for more details, the user is called to embody a college promise from the first challenges to college, to the draft and to the summit Of the NBA, in a mode characterized by a narrative structure that combines the element of NBA 2K17 with all the outline of the life of the athlete.

He is committed to juggling himself with friendships, a slightly overwhelming mom, the shadow of mythical Kobe Bryant, distracted managers, and whoever has more to do with it. The character is created from scratch through a complete internal editor, and if you want, you can apply your face by scanning it through an app called MyNBA2K17, which does not always work well. After that it has to grow in the field and out thanks to a kind of GDR style system and Virtual Currency, the official game currency.

The story told in NBA 2K17 puts the dramatic and impressive footage of the one filmed by Spike Lee last year, in favor of a lighter but still fun to play and live. My Player / My Career is also once again extended to the network so that users can expand and share experience with other real players, and enjoy other NBA 2K17 options, including My Park, multiplayer basketball mode "From the street".

By the way, until the time we tried NBA 2K17, the servers did quite well: so we hope that no problem will appear in the next few days and that the past will work properly. My GM / My League opens to a multitude of options: Depending on the choice, one can interpret the role of a General Manager, either administratively or technically managing a team or a whole league by having control Total, developing a franchise that lasts only one season or up to eighty, playing freely on the various parameters that govern both the gameplay That the organization of the tournaments, from wage salaries to the number of races per season, to the teams to be inserted up to a maximum of thirty-six. Always within this area you can also play a season or the only Playoffs by controlling your own team of hearts.

And training at the bottom is, at least for newcomers as the commanding feeling has remained unaltered for fans' delight, the best way to master NBA 2K17 controls, which as gameplay leaves no room for arcade simplification.

However, if, basically, the title rests on the solid bases of the previous chapters, on the other it seeks to evolve, and largely succeeds in those aspects that are mainly related to defensive and offensive phases, eliminating those elements that did not work To do last year, like the pace changes, now become less unexpected and more dynamic, and the stage of defense, aspect on which NBA 2K16 was limping a bit.

Limits are just illusions

The work of developers on NBA 2K17, from this point of view, has focused so much on artificial intelligence this year, to impress on virtual players a greater logic in applying their team's schemes, but also in dealing with it quickly Happens at each particular moment of NBA 2K17, and on their physical contact with the opponent in turn, especially at the maximum difficulty level. In this sense it also helps spatial awareness of virtual cutters, so it is difficult to see them glued to each other as sometimes happened in old editions. From this point of view, the operation is rather good, and the feeling from the very first challenges is that NBA 2K17 takes full account of a whole set of parameters in the "management" of various gaming situations, although sometimes the defense looks like Still a bit distracted at times.


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  • More and more simplistic gameplay
  • Enhanced artificial intelligence of athletes
  • Movements and general physics
  • The defensive phase of the teams has been improved, but occasionally there are still a few riders
  • The faces scanning system of users needs to be improved
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7

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