Miitopia has the Mii world style and both ambient and non-gaming enemies and Mii are really good, they will tease you more than a smile.


Since their first appearance on the Wii in 2006, the Mii have represented our social alter ego for the main Nintendo platforms and have "made the protagonists" of the most famous Wii Sports series, Wii Party, Wii Music or, more recently, Nintendo Land for Wii U; However, it is with Tomodachi Life for Nintendo 3DS that our Mii have found the best expression to "govern" (in fact the interactions are very simple and limited) an island populated entirely by Mii ready to simulate their working and family life Seasoned by the typical Nintendo humor. Miitopia continues right here, delivering your favorite Mii (also directly from Tomodachi Life, if installed on the Nintendo 3DS) within a JRPG-style play, with classes, level advancement, equipment and fighting at Turn, that is to keep intact that fundamental humor and the naive naive care of the Mii immersing them in a weft at the limits of absurdity. Coming to Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 2DS, with whom she shares the release date, Miitopia begins her narration with the arrival of the Duke of Evil (to which you can give, like any other "Mii non-playful" Name and assign the likeness of your Mii to your liking) in the village of turn where, with its "burglary malice", steal the faces of almost all the inhabitants by letting them wander without the possibility of talking or seeing and while being torn away , Stolen smilies become all sad. Guess whom will the burden of saving them and bringing them back to the legitimate owner? Of course to your Mii who casually visited this village, for the first time, just during the arrival of the bad guy!

During the first few minutes of play, the events take place so that our Mii protagonist is chosen by the divinity that gives him the power of a class of six available initially: four of them, the warrior, the magician, the priest and The thief, are fairly classic and come from the fantasy world while the other two, the singer and the cook, correspond to the bard, respectively, which can inflict damage and can enhance the band with its songs, and an armed body fighter Pans and healing powers with foods. With the advancement of Miitopia, six more classes will be available, some of which are really out of the box: the scientist, the panzer, the princess, the devil, the flower (you have understood well, a flower!) And even the cat! The values ​​that characterize the characters are very basic and each Mii has finite health points which will be out of combat, magic points that serve to cast spells and four values ​​that increase with the advancement of the level. The latter are the attack, which serves to do more damage, the defense, which allows you to subtract it, the magic, which increases the magic damage, and the speed, which allows you to act before an enemy as Miitopia makes use of A turn combat. Do not think it's over here: each of these classes has its own unique combat style, its special skills, its weapons and its own clothes (there are dozens of objects and one more absurd than the other); In addition, despite the fact that there is no game with complicated systems to "build characters", when you advance the level, Miitopia has a very nice and original interaction system among your Mii groups that increase their mutual affinity.

The particular operation of this interaction system is very simple and it is all within the many inns that are found during Miitopia and that are, we will see, the obligatory steps for our Mii heroine group: although the group entering In action consists of four characters, one of which is always yours, you will get 10, while the inn will act as a tool for both group members selection and to couple the characters in the various rooms so that the Their intent / friendship goes up to the level giving rise to new special skills that a particular couple will use in combat. In any case, all Mii have a special relationship with each other Mii and you can move them inside the inn's rooms as you want to see what happens to each other (they can quarrel, be jealous but also take care of each other or Making gifts). During the exploration phases, a schematic on the highscreen of the Nintendo 3DS will always remind us of the strong link between the four Mii active and, in a sense, the four strongest party possible is determined by the combination of the single level of Each of the members added to the value of the four of these bonds with each other. The inns are also very important because it is here that it is possible to increase the common characteristics of the Mii through the food that is found during Miitopia and that it is of various kinds and rarities: not all Mii will enjoy the same foods and, consequently, They will have greater or lesser benefit depending on the culinary specialty. In the inn you can also modify the Mii equipment, not through the classic vendor but by donating gold coins to Mii's desire to improve that he will buy the strongest item possible at that time (usually match the level advancements).

The adventure of your Mii starts from the village of Verdalboria but flows through ten different areas, each with its unique points of interest in which you will interact with the many non-play characters you will meet and of which, if you want, as mentioned At the beginning, you can change appearance and name as desired. Each map of these areas is divided into highlights by exploring which party Mii will begin to walk, swapping funny jokes and casually meeting groups of errant monsters to face with the classic turn-based structure. You will be able to fight yourself automatically by making a spectator with all the Mii, including yours, who will choose their attacks and the only possible action will be what will allow you to use the pepers, special items to cure, restore magic points, donate extra attack Or further defense to your Mii and even to resurrect (these special objects are donated as you progress in Miitopia by the deity that helps you). By selecting the manual combat, however, you will only choose the actions of your main character and the rest of the group will continue to fight independently by also activating those special attacks discovered after increasing the interaction value with another Mii present in the party.

In fact, clashes are never overly complicated except those of bosses who may have difficulty dealing with characters too low, in any case, if your Mii is in danger and do not have nursing care, you can Put it in a safe area, called Salvarea, so you do not get harmed and waiting for it to get the cure from the rest of the group members back into action. The different areas offer a variety of settings: there are snow-capped, deserted mountains, elves lands, volcanic landscapes and futuristic cloud islands, and exploring the various points of interest in the maps, you will encounter, as well as in errant monsters, Within which you can find coins, food and even unique items to be equipped with one of your Mii. In order to increase the level of all the characters of your group in the inn, you will be able to visit the points of interest of the various areas as often as you like while continuing to face monsters. At every point of interest you will be exploring, there will always be at least one inn since, as mentioned, much of the interactions take place inside, where you can also use the games room, a special place to try two mini games, namely Roulette And Sasso, paper, scissor, with which you can win the most varied prizes and to play with which you need the Miitopia coupons, special tickets that can be found in the boxers or receive daily through a special quiz that Miitopia proposes (in fact It's a questionnaire that tells Nintendo what the Mii is thinking about, but that's not mandatory. To do this you need to keep SpotPass active.)

Graphically, Miitopia has the Mii world style and both ambient and non-gaming enemies and Mii are really good, they will tease you more than a smile especially when you "surgically" replace their faces with those of your friends Mii. The effects of the spells, the dozens of absurd combinations of skills between the various Mii during combat are carefully carried out and never risk being too repetitive precisely because they change depending on the value of the relationship between Mii (a value that also changes when They help in fighting). There is a separate talk about the music industry, because a lot of work has been done: over 200 music tracks with different themes for characters, places, situations with many of them recalling famous pieces. To give you some examples, the Duke's Theme of Evil is a variation of "O Fortune" by Carl Orff's Carmina Burana and the King's Theme remembers a famous air from Mozart's "Flute Magic", while he is a tribute to Celtic music The Three Fairies Ensamble. All the music tracks discovered, such as weapons, clothes, food, and wandering monsters met, can be consulted in the encyclopedia from which you can also edit, as we said, all non-playing Mii: from Miitopia log you can also see all the scenes Intermezzo and even all the battles you have played! To make the game even longer there are over 250 medals to be obtained, for example by defeating a number of monsters, obtaining different types of food or equipment, or saving a certain number of inhabitants; There are so many of them. Do you think that's all? You are mistaken, there is no support for the amusements that give access to both their costumes to use on your Mii, in the case of the most famous statues such as Mario, Peach, Yoshi, etc., and special items such as bananas, candies and game cuts, In the case of any other amateur: to use them you have to bring them to the Mii "Nintendo Fan" present in every area and always dressed differently.


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  • Mii's role-playing game!
  • Interaction between Mii's is really funny
  • The music industry is very curious
  • An infinity of extra and collectible
  • Very easy to complete
  • Suitable almost exclusively to a young audience
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 9
Audio - 9

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