Last Day On Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival is an interesting title apart from its contents, as it is the rare case of a mobile game made available in the store while its implementation is still under way: the application is in beta phase and is periodically enriched with new elements, following the example of Early Access cleared from the Steam platform. Starting from the assumption that this review will take into account the fundamentally incomplete nature of the game, let's see if it is worthwhile to sit again for the sake of the poor yet unlucky survivor of the nineteenth zombie apocalypse ...

As is evident from the title, on Last Day on Earth: Survival the survival element is the key to the product made by the Russian team Kefir, who is clearly inspired by Do not Starve and the like: the player's goal is therefore simply to survive, fighting the adversity, gathering the resources offered by the scenario and transforming them into useful objects and tools to their livelihoods. Generally, in this kind of video game, the protagonist begins as it is said in canvas banners and on Last Day on Earth: Survival this aspect was taken to the letter: after the initial loading screen, you find yourself with the character who wears only one a pair of red panties, inside a clearing that offers few dangers and a sufficient amount of raw materials to make this area your headquarters. It begins with the harvest of berries to soothe hunger and thirst, wood and stones to build the first rudimentary tools and then proceed by cutting trees, splitting stones and hunting wild animals, then investing the accumulated resources to build a home and basic structures for to ensure a minimum of self-sufficiency. Each end-to-end action is rewarded with experience points, and by leveling out, you get the emblems to be used to unlock new projects to create new items or upgrade existing ones, all with ever greater and diverse demands in terms of raw materials that force you to explore the world in search of the need.

Like practically everyone in this peculiar genre, Last Day on Earth: Survival also has a fundamentally cyclical structure characterized by quite slow rhythms (including the energy that is consumed on every trip and that needs to be recharged over time or spending coins) which do not adapt to those looking for a mobile game action and instant fun: here you have to instead arm yourself with patience and adapt to an almost passive gameplay, so much so that in a corner of the display stands a virtual key that is collecting automatically to the protagonist the resources available in the near, leaving the player the only task of looking at the screen. For anyone who has this kind of experience in his ropes, however, the Kefir product can offer a large amount of content, even though it is still in beta: objects scattered around the world are innumerable, there are so many areas to explore and events to deal with (its base and that of the other example, users can be victims of assaults and raids) and there is always something new to making that drives us to seek the required materials. There are obviously no dangers, not only represented by the different zombie species that roam the scenery, but also by other users crossing their path and that you can decide to ignore or kill to take over their possessions. The combat system is quite basic and is by no means the most successful aspect of Last Day on Earth: Survival, but it is not even the most appetizing: the clashes are nothing more than resource-constraining obstacles, which always remain the pillar of the game title gameplay around which inevitable in-app purchases turn. In this regard, we can not say that Kefir has gone light: beyond the usual coin packets in game, it is possible to buy resource crates at prices that we are absolutely crazy (at the time we write we talk about 2 , 29 € for a single unit), that will not be necessary to continue but that they know so much about usury for players who wish to legitimately use. It is desirable that future application updates can correct the shooting of this and other items that do not appear completely focused on Last Day on Earth: Survival, which in the tide of offered content also features some blind alleys and poorly implemented or entirely obviously missing children of the ongoing development. the technical component also denotes still several corners to chamfer - especially under the sound profile - but for now it is appreciated the work done on a clear and comfortable to use and an isometric graphics that plays very well his duty.

For survival enthusiasts, Last Day on Earth: Survival is a really interesting project that deserves at least a chance: to date, there are not many mobile games of this type that can boast a depth and content comparable to that of the title Kefir, but still being in the beta stage denotes several elements sketched when not even missing. Beyond that, the use of some super-smart gadget and a very slow progress system, two aspects that could turn your nose over to someone else, are also reported.

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  • Lots of content
  • Very deep
  • Interface and functional controls
  • Several missing or settling elements
  • Progress is really slow
  • Paid objects are robbed
Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 9
Audio - 7

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