Immortal Planet

Immortal Planet is a good reinterpretation of the formula of the Souls, which copies without too many mysteries, however, dropped in a very different ludic context.

When a work succeeds and enters the collective imagination, it is normal for the market to be burdened with emulsions that try to follow the wake of affirmation. It has always happened and will always happen. Video games do not make a difference and, indeed, have normalized this trend, deprecated in other limbs, perhaps because copying is not a concept, but mechanics, much less bound by copyright. Immortal Planet is an isometric role-playing game that rejects, without so many mysteries, the direction to the From Software Souls. Instead, copy them shamelessly, citing them in the promotional material. This is the second opera by Tomasz Wacławek, now teedoubleuGAMES, who with Ronin had already shown that he had a great talent. It tells the story of the wakewalker, the only one of an immortal society to end the eternal cycle of death and rebirth in which he is imprisoned.

When we take control, after selecting one of three weapons, we know nothing of his past or even of the place where we are. We took a few steps from the first enemies who, despite going down fast enough, proved to be hard bones. Our idle can attack, dodge or parachute the opponents' strikes and, by finding the right objects, use special powers related to its features. For example, it can handle firearms or cast spells that are real. There are also some healing objects around, which are essential to go on in the adventure. The sad truth is that we die pretty early when we have not read all the tutorial boxes that explain the basics of the game mechanics. We had imagined that Immortal Planet would have been difficult to tame, but we did not imagine how much. Especially the beginning is really brutal.

Soon we find that the combat system, albeit very agile, offers more complications than we hypothesized. For example, you have to be careful of the stamina, which when it runs out does not allow neither to attack nor defend itself. This applies to both us and opponents. This is a feature that can cause big problems, but it can be exploited to our advantage, for example to push down the weakened enemies in the many gamblers of the game world, or to slow down the attacks by imposing the 'Using less expensive techniques (to be able to become really good).

Everything works so well that when it is practically done, the fights become real ballets: between dodges, parades, counterattacks and special techniques. Bosses in particular can be in great difficulty because of their enormous power and the amount of techniques they have. Let's also say that at the beginning there is a very small number of healing objects and you will understand how tiring it is to get in Immortal Planet. In short, to overcome certain situations, you must develop an enviable ability to be able to anticipate the moves of your opponents and respond at the right time. For example, many enemies throw mines that can be shaken off, causing them to burst when they are in the vicinity, after taking a shot in a safe area so that they are not hit by splinters. For every killed enemy we get points that can be spent to improve the characteristics of the Wakewalker by reaching the bonfires ... sorry, hubs, where it is also possible to rest to recover all the energy and reload objects in our possession. Spending points whenever possible is essential, because in case of death they all are lost. You can actually try to retrieve them back to where they were killed, but if they die a second time without having them recovered, they will be erased forever. This too, which reminds you?

How many of you had a strong sense of déjà vu reading the description of Immortal Planet? We see that many have raised their hands. Here, perhaps the main problem with the teedoubleuGAMES title is that it does not even try to make a step forward. In short, he is content to be a good clone of the Souls, which he really is, but without risking anything of his own.

The narrative itself is conducted in the same identical way, with the discovery of details of history entrusted to dialogues with strange characters, cryptic scripts, and so on. What do you remember? It's the question we're repeating throughout the review. The story itself is not clear and the final does not reveal much, although it seems that it is necessary to complete the New Game + to see the real one, which should provide more detail. However, not having the clear ideas is not a drama, seeing gender, and rewriting is almost a duty if you are passionate about it. Another problem, in this case more closely related to design, is the progression. As already mentioned, the first steps of the Wakewalker are dramatic, but this is not the case for the whole game: the final stages are much simpler to overcome. The reason is soon said: the greater the number of healing objects available and the repetition of enemies.The latter, while varying attack techniques, after a while become predictable, by virtue of the experience gained by playing. Bosses also suffer from the same problem. To say, we have been killed several times since the beginning and the end. With this we do not want to say that Immortal Planet is a walk, but only with the progress of the adventure becomes a bit less hostile to the player. For the rest we point out the good music, which goes well with the exploration of a minimalist way of suspended platforms and evocative and conceptually almost abstract places. Have a thought.

Immortal Planet is a good reinterpretation of the formula of the Souls, which copies without too many mysteries, however, dropped in a very different ludic context. Hard to frustrating, it is able to give great satisfaction, especially when fighting turns into real ballets with enemies.

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  • Difficult but fulfilling
  • Amazing combat system
  • Charming Scenery
  • Very derivative
  • The final becomes mysteriously easier
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 7
Audio - 8

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