Hitman Sniper

On Hitman Sniper we are faced with a sniper simulator through and through: the setting is a cozy complex located in Montenegro where there are some targets that are killed without attracting too much attention.


Fans of the Hitman series rejoice: waiting for the new installment in the saga license plate IO Interactive, the studio behind the excellent Hitman GO has produced a new adventure called Hitman Sniper. Leave aside from the mechanical puzzle, the more ruthless murderess in the world is doing what he does best: killing targets at range passing totally unnoticed. Not really everything went in the right direction ...

As we said earlier on Hitman Sniper we are faced with a sniper simulator through and through: the setting is a cozy complex located in Montenegro where there are some targets that are killed without attracting too much attention. Each mission consists in centering a series of goals, ranging from reaching a certain score to a perfect accident-masked killing; Sometimes you have to wait for the right time to shoot a single shot that triggers a deadly sequence that involves two or more characters - probably the toughest goal at the first playthrough - while on other occasions you must trigger a storm of bullets that hit the luxurious Housing complex like Thor's fury.

Like any self-respecting killer, our infallible protagonist has the ability to use a large number of weapons that are unlocked as hand continuing between levels. At the beginning of Hitman Sniper there is only a discreet rifle that allows you to get acquainted with the game mechanics, then you gain the chance to unlock new ones that are not only more stable in the goal but also have some bonuses: one Allows for a few seconds of x-ray visualization by highlighting the subjects on screen, another gives us the ability to hold the breath for a few more moments, others still allow the bullets to penetrate a hard surface or kill any Character with one shot. There are many and are useful especially for certain tasks that will be assigned to us that otherwise would become almost impossible. There are two ways to unlock new equipment: the first is to pay real money for purchases through in-app purchases, while in the second case you have to try to kill as many characters as possible from those that are considered "VIP" to have the opportunity to unlock weapons parts into a kind of roulette at the end of the mission, far from meritocratic system and frankly too punitive on occasion, demonstrating a willingness to push the player to spend money for a quick upgrade. Currency in Hitman Sniper, however, makes it useful when you need to upgrade the features of our rifle to make it more stable and therefore easy to use. By connecting us to our Facebook profile, however, you can challenge your friends in battle and fight for the first ranked position; Fortunately the social side of the game is not intrusive and you are not forced or pressed to post social network status at each event.

Graphically speaking Hitman Sniper is ​​very good both from the point of view of the atmosphere, thanks to the use of very realistic lights, both technically, with 3D characters and environments with a large number of polygons - for A mobile game - that make it all very enjoyable to see. Same subject for the sound segment that is excellent for both environmental noise and those of various firearms, which are always impeccable: of course, to enjoy the experience, it is recommended to use a good pair of headphones.

The controls, in turn, are easy to learn and are appropriate for a title like this: with a first tap you reach the rifle's optic, a pinch is zoomed in and a further tap is shot. To reload it is enough to run a fast quick time event. Technically, therefore, Hitman Sniper is an excellent title that does not disappoint in any aspect; Unfortunately the problems are there, and they mainly concern the real gameplay. We start from the first assumption: all the game takes place always and only in the same - and therefore unique - location; There are no other places and therefore the Montenegrin villa is the only position we will see for all 150 levels. Although no additions to this are possible with future updates, here we are forced to evaluate Hitman Sniper for what it has to offer now. NPCs then always follow the same pattern and after a handful of attempts it becomes too easy to foresee the moves of every occupant of the house; It is, in essence, to repeat the same crimes at once, with the only exceptions in the case where the goal to reach requires some specific moves. Understanding the mechanism leading to a high score - casualties, headshots and stealth executions - the player's job is to repeat the same level-level mechanism altogether. Unfortunately, despite the fact that everything is fun enough for the first 30-40 stages, as soon as a certain confidence is achieved with repetitive patterns and goals, boredom is quickly overcome and the desire to continue for another game fades out suddenly, leaving just one Bitter sensation in the mouth for a largely wasted gold opportunity.


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  • Technically excellent
  • At first it's fun ...
  • ... then becomes boring
  • Unlocking new weapons is a process too long
  • A location only
  • NPCs with repetitive patterns
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 9
Audio - 9

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