Hay Day

Manage a farm in Farmville style but with more customization options.

Hay Day is a fun application where you'll have to run a Farmville Farmhouse, but with a lot more personalization options. Following a series of tests we are ready to write the complete review made in iPhoneItalia.

Farmville lovers raise ears, the App Store has just released a new game that will really make you entertain it, its name is Hay Day and, as you might have guessed, you will have to run a farm very similar to your favorite game, but with many more customization options.

Hay Day was born as a management title in which you need to be able to organize the few resources available in the best possible way. Within the application there are no different modes, the only available is where you build and grow your farm. Initially, a fun scarecrow will guide you in the early stages of your experience, even though the operations are so simple and intuitive that you could actually do it even less.

The first thing to do is assign a name to the farm, it will not be final, in fact you can change it to your liking whenever you want it, but will be displayed by any other person visiting your creation. In relation to what you say, you will find that Hay Day offers a series of multiplayer missions and goals, so you can add neighbors (through Facebook) and help them in certain tasks, or buy items to use directly from their stores.

The core of the experience is the purchase of what is produced on the farm, in other words you will have the opportunity to buy hens, pigs, cows, wheat, peas and more, with the goal of meeting the demands of the city. For any product you get something more advanced, for example, after you have built a dairy, you can turn cow's milk into cheese, or through a bakery you can turn wheat into bread and so on. Of course, you will have to try to find out how to use your elements in the best way possible, or you will have to organize them in relation to the jobs that will be published on the virtual dashboard within the application.

Once you have obtained the required material you can send your small pickup to deliver, as soon as you return to the base you will be able to withdraw the payment. As in any game of this type, experience is determined by the time it takes for crops to allow hens to make eggs, to cook bread, and so on. Therefore, in order to get the various elements you will have to wait a certain time, in the case you do not want to wait, you can spend some diamonds but you will have the opportunity to earn very little during the game. Once you've finished, you can go shopping through in-app purchases, of course, spending real money.

Gameplay on Hay Day is great, in fact, all controls are intuitive and absolutely simple. At the same time the graphics are very convincing and precise, better than you can find in a Farmville version. The colors adopted are alive and accurate, certainly a great point in his favor. It is important to emphasize how it is absolutely necessary to have an active data connection to start the application, vice versa the system will lock on the main screen and will not load any image.

In conclusion Hay Day is really a well-made game, there are a lot of positive features, first of all a high level graphics, but also a variety of customization options, support for the Game Center, a very simple gameplay and a system that does not imply you to proceed with the purchase of in-app purchase. Recommended for all lovers of Strategy games or Farmville.

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  • It is an engaging game
  • Parents can teach kids to use money in a proper way
  • It can be a bit addictive
  • Big features take long time to unlock
Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 8
Audio - 6

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