Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a title where our goal is to overcome a number of obstacles to reach the end of the levels and avoiding dangerous traps as far as the finish line is concerned.


After the great success of the web version, Happy Wheels debuts on PC with its load of challenge and blood.

Happy Wheels shares the fate of so many browser games that arrive in the mobile market, reasonably considered a land rich in opportunities. Success stories in this sense are wasted, there are small development teams that have become rich thanks to a happy intuition and we do not see why it should not happen to Jim Bonacci and his fascinating, sadistic creature.

Of course this is not an easy task to bring an App Store so full of worship, where it's just a fake step because the protagonist finishes slammed on spikes, made from rotating blades, crushed by mobile platforms Or lose your feet as a result of a violent landing, all underlined by abundant amounts of blood. This is why the iOS version of the game currently includes only the first of the many characters seen in the original, in this case the "Business Guy", a white collar that faces levels on a Segway. The author wanted to know if his title would exceed Apple's rigid restrictions before uploading content, which in browser saw the presence of six protagonists and situations at the limit of politically correct: an "irresponsible father" with a baby in attendance, A senior on a wheelchair, a sick of shopping, a motorized couple, and a guy with pogo stick; All inevitably destined to end in pieces because of the "trial & error" nature of the game, which grants little to those who are unsuited to the challenge.

Happy Wheels, as mentioned, is a title where our goal is to overcome a number of obstacles to reach the end of the levels. The initial offer, with the Business Guy, involves a campaign consisting of fifteen short stages, but which will be followed by those of the other characters cited earlier. Each mission is played with platform elements to help you calculate timing, jumping, balancing weight on the Segway, and avoiding dangerous traps as far as the finish line is concerned.

The design boasts a fair variety, as it moves from standard platforms to rebound mechanisms, then to pass on bridges that disappear cyclically and activate switches to open passes. A timer accompanies our performance in the context of a leaderboard, but it's the trial & error to make it a master and it often happens that you have to restart the level because you may have ended up in a ditch where it is impossible to exit, even though Without the appearance of the game over. The action is accompanied by some banners from small banners and movies that you can disable via in-app purchases, but which do not represent a major disadvantage to your experience. The package also includes a simple build editor, but the ability to share them structurally, with a browser, will also come with a future update. What will hardly change is the graphic, especially spartan, of amateurishness, in some cases to bleed the eyes (to stay in the theme), accompanied by extremely generic music. It is a fortune that the technical department in a product like Happy Wheels counts practically zero, but a greater commitment to that would have been appreciated.


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  • Solid gameplay, no trivial challenge
  • Funny finance for how violent it is
  • Lots of levels and characters
  • Technical implementation of amateur mold
  • Reactive but not always reliable touch controls
Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 8
Audio - 6.5

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