Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom is undoubtedly a benchmark for competitive mobile shooters


After multiple experiments, the genre of mobile shooters seems to have reached a certain degree of maturity from the point of view of the controls. Bringing on a touch screen the precision and immediacy required by this thread was not obviously simple, but Guns of Boom, the latest Game Insight title, demonstrates how in reality the thing was absolutely feasible.

Guns of Boom, completely voted to the competitive component with four-to-four online multiplayer fighting, adopts a very straightforward layout but at the same time complete and well-organized: on the left and right of the screen are placed two invisible and repositionable virtual analog stickers For control of movement and purpose, fire automatically activates as soon as we have an enemy in the pattern and 3D Touch is also exploited to use the eye view without having to act on a different button. The only extra icons to keep in mind during the matches, beyond the weapon change, are that of the grenades of the medical kit, both of which have a short cooldown and are of great importance for the success of a match. Bombs allow you to eliminate "blind" opponents or put an end to them, while energy recharging restores a good deal of health, allowing us to continue exploring scenarios in search of potential targets without a Damocle sword lying on the head. The race is well implemented: to activate it, just make a small slide upward with the left thumb, in a completely natural way.

Appreciating the simplicity of the basic system, Guns of Boom offers a stylistic approach that is very close to that of the classic Team Fortress 2, with the same kind of cartoons graphics and characters with exaggerated proportions, as well as beautifully designed scenery, well-characterized and endowed Of a certain degree of variety.

It happens to fight on the roofs of the palaces, moving between mirrored windows and minimal objects, or inside a large night-time farm, with the creaking of the crickets and the cicadas that make the background of the shootings. The maps are so many and they all boast a compelling design with outdoor areas, but also apposites, raised positions and more. However, the quality of matchmaking and netcode are surprising: after having spent a reasonable amount of time in soft launch, the title of Guns of Boom Insight can count on a very rich and passionate user base, which crowds servers and allows Find matches within a few seconds, eventually joining the clans and completing a series of achievements for unlocking objects and equipment. The latter can count on something like fifty different weapons, thus giving the experience a solid progression and concrete reasons to continue playing again and again, without any limitations imposed by the freemium format: Guns of Boom can be used so Completely free and pay-to-win dynamics have seemed very vague, further confirmation of a search and finishing job not to be underestimated.


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  • Almost perfect control system
  • Matchmaking fast and effective
  • Very pleasing graphic style, very nice maps
  • Pay to win present, however it is limited
Gameplay - 9.3
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7

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