Golf Clash

If golf as a sports discipline is undoubtedly elitist, its videogame incarnation is extremely popular especially in its more arcade sense.


If golf as a sports discipline is undoubtedly elitist, its videogame incarnation is extremely popular: this is true and above all in a mobile environment where games of this kind are wasted, especially in its more arcade sense. In the main, therefore, the present Golf Clash is all but original, but just look a bit more in detail to see how the Playdemic product actually tries a different approach than usual: let's see what it is.

Most of the golf games follow a rather consolidated script that consists of a series of paths to challenge challenging artificial intelligence or human opponents in the usual goal of closing the race with as few hits as possible. Golf Clash, on the other hand, takes on a different assumption by running online competitions between two players who run the time of a single randomly scanned scenario from the software catalog: it wins the first who puts the ball in the hole, and if both players succeed with the The same shoots trigger a racket that rewards the one that comes with a single drive closer to the flag. Simple but effective premise, based on a gameplay system that is skillful in offering a great immediacy but without precluding a certain depth.

During your turn, the user can use a bird's-eye view to select the range and the trajectory of the shot he is going to make, with a box dedicated to more refined players that can change the impact point With the ball to impress a shot. When this is done, the camera moves behind the ball, which is pulled down with the finger down to impress the desired power and released when a right swinging arrow to the right is near the center to get a perfect shot: Increasing the strength, the motion of the indicator becomes more and more rapid, making things harder for those who want to try a particularly long launch, triggering an interesting mechanism of risks and benefits. The direction and intensity of the wind, the slope of the path and the type of terrain in which the ball is located are all factors to be taken into account, and it is therefore evident that Golf Clash is a title that - while remaining within the limits of Arcade - can also give some satisfaction to the most scumbagged players. It is a shame that Playdemic has decided to move into a system of progress, rewards and enhancements that are too tedious and that in the long run will mark an indelible mark among those who decide to invest some money in virtual currency purchases and who prefer to keep the card Credit in your pocket.

In essence, each coin is drawn a sum of coins from the account of both players who make up the prize pool that will win the first ranked. In addition, progress in online rankings (resulting in access to the most prestigious tournaments) is determined by Number of cups in their possession, the amount of which increases or decreases depending on whether you win or lose. By playing and completing certain actions, they will also get trimmers (which, if they are open, require a gemstone expense or a longer or longer waiting period depending on their value) containing useful cards to unlock new bats and balls with different characteristics: obtaining more specimens of the same type you can proceed to level up the object shown, after payment in a quantity of gold coins hardly sustainable without going through inevitable in-app purchases. If all this seems too cranky, it is worth pointing out this is just the tip of the iceberg of the unnecessarily complex structure at the base of Golf Clash, to the point it is not too much to say how to end up losing more time in the menus for boosting and purchasing Than on real playing fields. It would be far better to see Playdemic infuse all this commitment into more constructive aspects of real gameplay, perhaps making it easier to run a game against friends or by providing support for asynchronous multiplayer support.


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  • A valid gaming system
  • Reactive and accurate controls
  • Funny and pretty deep
  • Too much superstructures useless
  • Whoever spends is much more advantageous
  • Few game options
Gameplay - 7.5
Graphics - 8
Audio - 8.5

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