Fishdom comes out the gate masquerading as a cute little aquarium sim. The graphics underscore this, with gorgeous animations and friendly-faced, self-aware sea animals. It looks great, sounds good and works almost in itself for folks who are solely in virtual environments.fish3

But Fishdom has a trick up it's sleeve, and it's a gimmick that should appeal to folks who may not be satisfied with barebones aquariums: one can garner game coin to acquire more fish and better equipment, but it takes the conquering of the games match- 3 gameplay to make one's personal sea world rock.

It's about bragging rights, and matching prowess is the in-game currency.

Now we're talking …

The look on Fishdom main play side is just as glossy as the pet maintenance side, with several pieces laid out on a grid, just as one would expect. The pieces themselves reflect an aquatic environment, showing up as pearls, shells, starfish and the like. The core idea on Fishdom is to dissolve pieces by creating sets of three or more, and this is accomplished by swapping adjacent pieces. Matches can be bade up and down, but not diagonally, and once made and dissolved, they are replaced by random pieces that drop from the top of the grid, in a fairly "logical" manner.

Fishdom is leveled, and one is expected to complete the tasks required within a set number of moves; The key is that the tasks start to get more complex, including things like dissolving materials, or picking up embedded gold, working around columns, or dealing with chained pieces and more. There are achievements to be garnered too.

In the end, success yields gold coins. Which brings us back to the aquarium. As noted earlier, one can use these gains to make the sea house spiffier. Real money can be used but is not mandatorily needed.

It all come together nicely; Fishdom is a game with two interconnected facets.

Yes, Fishdom is sneaky. Delightfully so.

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  • Enjoyably crafted, expansive looks and sounds
  • Highly addictive
  • Almost no cons, perhaps some levels are a bit repetitive
Gameplay - 5
Graphics - 4
Audio - 6

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