Dawn of Crafting

Dawn of Crafting is a game of inventions and discovers. And of course crafting. You have to craft lots of recipes here. The game has a little story also.


Long days ago, I loved playing games on Facebook, like - The sims social, Farmville, Kitchen Scrumble, etc. They are all online and time-consuming games. But, I never thought one day I will find an arcade like game on my mobile without too much complexity but full of addictiveness!

Today, I would like to share this with you! Developer Goktug Yilmaz brought the "Dawn of Crafting" on the App Store last week. Unfortunately, I missed the game that time, but when I got it, I'm just playing and playing and playing. Just taking a short break for this review that I can share with you and then, I'll be going to dive into this game again!

Dawn of Crafting is a game of inventions and discovers. And of course crafting. You have to craft lots of recipes here. Dawn of Crafting has a little story also. In this game, you are a lost young Homo Sapien, and the Homo Erectus is your village! Now, Master Crafter Alf takes you as his apprentice. You are very inexpert in every work. So that, Master Crafter Alf teaches you the fine art of crafting!

In Dawn of Crafting, you have to learn everything to improve your craft by various items. You also have to discover new recipes. You get a Minion for your help to collect various items, but he is such a fool. He never listens to you and brings anything he wants! You have to develop his skills, that he can bring some good and rare items!

As a player, you will have lots of fun playing this game. The Alf gives you lots of tasks. If you complete those tasks correctly, you can quickly move forward in Dawn of Crafting. There are lots of things to discover. You can feed your character and the minions by the foods that the Minion brings and the recipes you crafts. If you do not feed them properly, they will not be able to work hard. So, keep them energetic is the most important part of Dawn of Crafting.

Dawn of Crafting is very mature. It starts with simplicity but, gradually, it becomes more exciting and interesting when you discover new items. You can make fruit recipes, vegetable recipes, even you can make. Worm, rat, rabbit, variety of fishes and birds, and many more things are available here. The only awful moment I found when they eat the unprocessed rat! Though they eat raw meat, they do not like to eat walnuts and chestnuts without cracking. It decreases their energy. So, you have to identify what you should be and what you should not do! You have to use the tools to process foods. Some tools are collected by the minion, but most of the tools should have to craft by the collected items.

There are 25 slots in the storage of Dawn of Crafting where you can gather 25 types items. But you can craft containers and bags to store more items. There is a recipe book that records all your invented recipes, so no worries of losing them. Sometimes, the minion comes with a historical text. In this game, you have to build a village where your way is full of bumps.

If you like to craft and discover new things, this is a must play for you. The story is great and unique, the gameplay is full of fun. So you should not miss the chance of playing this game if you are an iOS user. Sad news for Android users, Dawn of Crafting is only available on App store.


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  • Addictive and fun
  • You can play and interact with friends
  • Creative and imaginative
  • At some point it gets really repetitive
  • It gets almost impossible to pass some levels
  • Commanders should be improved
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 7
Audio - 9

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