The Cryptark formula thus remained unchanged, with gameplay characterized by a level of challenge absolutely not trivial, although there is a feeling that the authors have "softened" a little 'experience in certain situations.


Two years after our trial of the Early Access version of Steam, Cryptark also made its debut on PlayStation 4, naturally following the optimization of the developers' balancing over the months, new weapons, new enemies, New Pioneer Suit and extra modes that enrich the experience. Compared to the preliminary version, we also added a simple narrative introduction to the mission we are about to embark on: one of the most impressive stellar corporations has looked into a huge wreckage and recalled its best predators because they reach it, scraping all the resources possible. A real treasure hunt, however, complicated by the presence of a host of safety systems, as well as a set course that will take us to visit five different stations abandoned before it can tackle the legendary Cryptark.

The Cryptark formula thus remained unchanged, with gameplay characterized by a level of challenge absolutely not trivial, although there is a feeling that the authors have "softened" a little 'experience in certain situations. The base is that of a timely and ruthless twin stick shooter, where we control an exoskeleton with customizable weapons, energy shields, and extra devices to be equipped during the briefing that precedes each expedition. During the campaign, also co-operative with a friend, but only locally, we will have to select one of the seven available Pioneer Suit (to unlock it, you will need to collect a number of artifacts), each with some special features, and tackle a sequence Consisting of a total of six "stops", the latter of which is represented by the Cryptark, a spatially widespread wreckage.

Each of the missions on Cryptark can be modulated in terms of difficulty, in the sense that we are given the choice of four different abandoned ships, each with a degree of challenge and a different remuneration. The "permanent death" factor in the game is made relatively permissive: if we are killed but still have credits, we can start from the last step of the campaign, otherwise it will be over and we will have to start over again. The key to success is therefore to save money on the equipment during the initial missions and start investing only when it is really needed, so as to guarantee at least a second chance in case of defeat.

As mentioned, Cryptark remains a very difficult game, an experience that conceptually resembles Galak-Z: The Dimensional, given the presence of scenarios generated by a system of procedures that make each different game, while enjoying a lot more control system Permissive, without inertial forces to counterbalance. The fact remains that the overwhelming amount and variety of enemies within each space hulk will give us a lot 'of a hard time, sometimes accerchiandoci and opening fire without mercy, strong not only in number but also with pattern d 'Different attack, speed and energy shields.

The work done by Alientrap on the front of the hostile units is undoubtedly the flagship of this title, instilling the player a real sense of tension because it is not possible to know who we will be in front of and when, if not controlling the surveys On the map. Small detail: When we arrive at the Cryptark, the radar will be disturbed by a jammer and we will have to go for a try, revealing the huge wreckage and its pitfalls piece by piece: a really complicated business. In all cases, our goal is to destroy the core of the ship we are in, but to do so we will have to disable the shield system, the alarm system and the possible mechanism that will allow the various elements to automatically reset, By a considerable amount of enemies, towers and assorted threats. If, then, along the way, we would like to collect bonuses and clean up the map, so much in terms of credits, but the risks will be high.

Compared to the Early Access version we've tried a long time ago, the complete edition of Cryptark has been enhanced by two extra modes. The first, called "Rogue", is accessible right away and consists of a six-step progression, just like the campaign, but without the money or the choice of equipment or ship we prefer to visit. That means any upgrading for Pioneer Suit will be picked up along the way, starting from a disadvantage, and that at the game over we will not have a second chance: we'll have to start all over again. Complete both the campaign and the Rogue mode will finally be able to access the gameplay, represented by the Excavation mode. In that sense we will have to deal with an even weaker challenge: a single, terrible mission to fight not only against the defense systems of a huge wreck, but also with other space predators like us in an attempt to recover a Precious alien artifact.

The advantages of the Alientrap title, however, have been increased, with the same defects: the procedural nature implies a certain degree of repetition of scenarios, with the aim of missions with very similar structures, and little has been done to emphasize the " Narrative aspect of the experience, albeit marginal with respect to the gameplay on Cryptark. From a technical point of view, some of the Pioneer Suit's designs are just too simplistic, but as already mentioned, excellent work has been done on the enemy front and musical accompaniment has been involved since the beginning.


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  • A challenge with flakes
  • Procedural scenarios, three modes of weight
  • Rich equipment, so many different enemies
  • Inevitably repetitive missions
  • Some technical ingenuity
  • It must be played in a soundproof environment
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 8.5
Audio - 9

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