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Since its inception in 1999, Counter Strike for Half Life has made its way. After version 1.6 became one of the most successful modification ever, Valve took home the series, evolved into a commercial product until released Source, the first major evolution that came out in 2004 with its novelty divided the community. After years of waiting, Gabe Newell's home offers Counter Strike: Global Offensive a new slider developed by Hidden Path, marking a major step for the brand, seeing both PC and console output simultaneously and introducing them alongside classic modes, of a whole series of arrangements aimed at bringing new enthusiasts.

If you are a fan of the classic mod, do not be fooled by the final sentence of the previous paragraph: Global Offensive is a Hard and Pure Counstre Strike and Competing Classical Mode is ready to accommodate your perfect ambition, tactical team play, choice of weapons to be bought at the beginning of the game studied at the table, the knowledge of every corner of the classic maps; all you need for uncompromising match, in short.

Why should this new iteration then interest you? First of all, for the great work done by Hidden Path, which has rebuilt the game from scratch, recalling different aspects of gameplay, faithful to the original spirit, accurate in all those uniqueness that allow Counter Strike to remain a leader of the genre still today after many years. The graphic revamp is not surprising, but it helps to modernize the game. Then there are the new grenades, the Molotov, Incendiaria and Decoy, with the first two to represent an interesting addition to the rich and varied arsenal of the game. In fact, the flames of flames that provoke will prove to be of little use in trying to hinder the escape of the opponents, forcing them into blind alleys where your bullet in the head will be the only way out.

But even if you are a player with thousands of hours of experience on Counter Strike 1.6 servers, do not make the mistake of denying the three new ways included in the $ 10.99 expense required by Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Armaments racing is the simplest, and raises two teams on one between two maps. At the beginning of the match all will have the same weapon (one MP9) and each killing will put in hand a different death tool until we get to the final weapon with which to kill that will decimate the team's victory and the end of the match, that is, the golden knife. This mode, which takes on the same mechanics of the well-known Gun Game mod, is remarkably entertaining as it guarantees a high rhythm thanks to instant respawn but at the same time keeps some of the features of Counter Strike gameplay, such as the peculiar ballistics of each weapon or the poor agility granted to the player. In addition, it is a fun tool to practice with the whole arsenal; sorry for the lack of additional maps, but for that we are sure the community will be doing.

Even more interesting is the Demolition mode, a sort of midway between the classic Counter Strike and the just-illustrated Armored Race. In fact, we will find ourselves in unpublished maps and slightly smaller than the usual ones where terrorists will have to try to place the bomb while the anti-terrorists will try to stop them or, in case the bomb has been activated, to disinfect it.

The bombing site will be unique, however, and also are missing money as the weapons will be awarded successively at the start of the match as a prize for each kill made. In the event of more kills in the same round, the game will also reward us with a grenade. The active fire of fire and permanent death remain until the end of the current round, but given the shortness of these (only a couple of minutes), the rhythm is higher than the Classic mode. As purists could nose their nose, Demolition proved to be the most successful mix of new elements proposed by Counter Strike: Global Offensive, while maintaining the high level of complexity of the gun-play series, and on the other speeding up some mechanics to allow more adrenaline and fun matches. A great way to bring novices to the game and the same to ensure interesting and high-level matches to veterans eager to break away for a while by the most competitive servers.

Users who have never been able to try Counter Strike or who have been intimidated so far will find a much more open and user friendly title in Global Offensive. It has implemented a tutorial level that with classic humor Valve guides you through the rudiments of the particular gameplay of this FPS. Also, before throwing it into servers and getting rid of the liver from countless and unavoidable headshots that wait for it, the less experienced player can work offline with bots, leveraging the customizable difficulty level.

Finally, Classic Light Mode represents the last step initially before going to the most demanding games. Here the general rules will be the same as the Competitive matches, so we will have Terrorists Against Anti-Terrorists on traditional maps, with the first ones who will try to place the bomb and the second to hinder them, or vice versa, there will be hostages to be rescued by law enforcement, while opponents will try to stop them. Death will mean having to wait as a spectator until the end of the round, while every killing will give you extra money than the guaranteed one at each match start. Here, in a matter of seconds, we will be able to equip ourselves with weapons and equipment using the new radial menu, trying not to forget the kevlar jacket and the kit to speed up the bomb disintegration. The Lightweight mode offers facilities, however, and guarantees fifty percent more cash as a prize, the basic endowment of the two newly-mentioned equipment provided by default and collisions among teammates disable.

Once again, Valve chooses its source engine Source. Hidden Path has been able to exploit it competently, grabbing Global Offensive with a clean, lightweight, and aesthetic appearance that does not have graphic noodles that would risk bothering older users. At the same time, we appreciated the new versions of the eight historic, recognizable but at the same time rejuvenated maps. In particular it is noteworthy for cs_italy for the panorama, but also the two new dusts I really liked.

Very few changes to the plan, with some details designed to improve the balance, while the main work of the developers focused on the new maps, reduced in size but really successful, although some seemed to favor too much the "free" as a bank that has the bombing site too close to the terrorist respawn point and at the same time, being a big safe, it offers too much security to defend the bomb. This, as well as other details that the community will surely highlight, will be covered with Valve's post-launch support as we expect to see new maps and content. However, you can now play on community servers, freely customizable in every detail, including gaming environments. Finally, we quote a valid net-code, especially considering that the title has just been launched but has no slip and lag, which hopefully will be eliminated shortly.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a great modernization of the series, capable of respecting the tradition of mythical predecessors more than CS: Source, but at the same time introducing various novelties and game options to revive the interest of veterans and attract and novices. The introduced modes are fun and well-studied, as are original maps, while some small technical defect remains and will probably be covered with the next patches. In addition, support for the community's content immediately guarantees a rich offer that, given the 10.99 euro exemption required, we feel like we can unconditionally advise any enthusiast.

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  • Deep, tactical and still fun gameplay
  • New well-behaved modes
  • Various useful tips for novices and unattractive for veterans
  • Some more maps would have pleased
  • A handful of technical problems to be filed
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 7.5
Audio - 9

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