Clash Royale

Clash Royale takes us to the head of a village, we have the task of expanding over time through resource-gathering, building new buildings, upgrading existing ones and training troops.

Managing a success like Supercell is not easy, as we are talking about a catalog of titles that are played every day by one hundred million users. Such situations often result in the inability to abandon the initial concepts for fear of taking a false step, recycling to endless formulas but, at some point, inevitably end up tired. Well, that's not what happened to Clash Royale, since the game has a different view of the popular Clash of Clans since the very beginning. In this case, a gameplay very similar to that of the MOBA, although it has a particularly small size.

On Clash Royale one could almost talk about a kind of "strategic diorama", with the action that develops within a small two-lane map; And because of the limited extension of the scenario, it has precise implications on the artificial intelligence of the units, which can attack invading enemies or reach the towers of the hostile faction depending on the distance and individual peculiarities. After completing a brief tutorial on the mechanics, the game immediately starts the matchmaking for fast-on-one online vs. real-time clashes, so not in asynchronous mode, where our goal is precisely to destroy the enemy castle, passing Possibly for the two towers surrounding it, but trying to prevent the hostile army from reaching the same goal before us.

Clash Royale's interface is very simple and well-designed, with a main menu that allows you to start an online battle, open up to four crates earned with as many victories, manage your units (choosing which ones to enter the "bunch" and boost those Who have reached a certain level), access the clan menu (with a range of social implications) and watch an integrated TV with replay of the best games. We immediately address the question of the freemium model, the limits of which occur in the management of the aforementioned crates: the opening of each casket requires between three and twelve hours, unless the gems are used to accelerate the times, but having With only four slots available, it is clear that once you have filled it you will have to wait to avoid collisions without having to cash out prizes.

A couple of indicators at the top of the screen remind us of free cashouts and take into account our degree of experience, which together with the number of win points will determine whether or not access to a series of extra arenas. Unfortunately, to release only the second scenario, however, it will be a great deal for hours of play: as a matter of fact, it seemed to us a bit controversial. Beyond this, there is a great variety in the units available on Clash Royale: from body-to-body (princes, knights, robots) to those who attack from the distance (archers, rifles, bombars, goblins armed with spears) Through the special shots (the swarm of arrows, the fireball) and the giants, who thanks to their knife protect other soldiers as they approach the towers, damaging them with heavy punches.

The touch control system sees us placing the characters in our half of the map and allowing them to move to the nearest goal, alternating cards and the ability to evoke them based on the energy of action, which is constantly being recharged in the part Low screen. At the end of the counts, despite the size of the entire experience, Clash Royale's strategic substrate is evident and creates the enthusiasm typical of those "game still and bust" mobile games, which was precisely the intention of Supercell . It is a pity for the lack of further facets, because after a few hours the repetition of the same mechanisms is a bit boring.

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  • Effective and fun formula
  • Matchmaking fast
  • Beautiful graphics, beautiful progression system
  • After a few hours it becomes repetitive
  • Unlocking new arenas is an arduous task
  • The casing system creates inevitable expectations
Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 7.5
Audio - 8

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