CastleStorm - Free to Siege is based on traditional tower defense, with different units that we can generate over time and that proceed automatically to enemy soldiers, attacking them as soon as they are shot.


Accustomed to development teams that compromise on mobile devices, for one reason or another, CastleStorm - Free to Siege's hectic - sometimes chaotic - action is absolutely welcome. The strategy developed by Zen Studios, the freemium-based mobile release of the release version on PC and console last year, involves several fronts, offering a multi-faceted gameplay that opens up to so many different approaches.

The plot revolves around a handful of heroes defending a castle that is being threatened by troops each time more shrewd and aggressive, which we must stop using the tools that the game makes available. Depending on the mission, however, we may not only have to eliminate the enemy units that approach dangerously near the walls of our manor, but block a handful of thieves, cover the retreat of an allied team or even destroy the enemy castle. The first and most important substrate of the experience is clearly visible to classic Angry Birds, with a touch interface that lets you target your opponents in motion by throwing powerful jigs or other types of bullets to unlock as they gain experience and Gold coins, such as arrow rays, cannon balls, bricks that divide into flight (just like in the Rovio puzzle game) and even ... Sheep. To use the launches, you must touch the screen close to the target and wait for our submitters to start the shot, which also implies quickly calculating the distances and timing for the attack to point out. The inevitable "cooldowns" of the most effective attacks, in turn, push for a reasoned approach rather than releasing a rain of indiscriminate bullets.

The second substrate offered by CastleStorm - Free to Siege is based on traditional tower defense, with different units that we can generate over time and that proceed automatically to enemy soldiers, attacking them as soon as they are shot. The arrows that we can see can also hurt our men, so we have to be more careful when setting up the shots and possibly pushing the button that allows the allies to repair when the offensive is about to arrive, deadly.

The generation and sending of troops is a fundamental practice in missions where the goal is to destroy the enemy castle, because in this way we can stop worrying about the enemies that move to our walls and launch everything we have Against their base, destroying one-by-one protections until we can get rid of the commander and close the contention. There is then a third gameplay substrate, and it is the one of direct action: by summoning the hero of the turn on the battlefield, we can proceed to his commands with the traditional virtual stick scheme and the buttons for attack, parade and maneuver Special, mowing enemies and cleansing the way for allied troops. The evocation has a limited duration, but it is possible to "cancel it" to return to focus on launching jigs and creating units in the light of our global strategy. At the crowning of such a rich and dynamic plant we finally find the editor to customize our castle, the most curious part of the Zen Studios product but, alas, even the least valued one, to which we will inevitably pay less attention during the campaign

CastleStorm - Free to Siege can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play, but the freemium formula chosen in this case by Zen Studios prevents you from enjoying the full experience without spending a little money. Beyond the fact that it is impossible to use the most spectacular attacks (see meteorite rain) against enemy castles without buying valuable currency packages, the amount of diamonds required to unlock the three single player campaigns that are added to the first, For a total of over one hundred and fifty missions, it is virtually impossible to get without putting your hand to the wallet.

At the end of the deal we are faced with a title of excellent quality, albeit on the first rather chaotic and somewhat complicated to master (especially in its throwing mechanics, not always precise), which means that it is entirely lawful to "invest "Of the money to be able to play in full freedom. The problem is that this is not easy to accomplish, since there is no option in the in-app purchase that allows you to unlock everything immediately, but diamonds that cost up to 89.99 euros! The most sensible solution is to buy the so-called "VIP Package", which for € 4.49 includes 25,000 gold coins, 100 diamonds, the removal of all advertising (sometimes video, sometimes nothing really invasive) and , Most importantly, adding 2,500 coins and 10 diamonds every week. Freemary Strafalcioni aside, the CastleStorm - Free to Siege playground is valid and is accompanied by a quality technical console section with a sound of good sound and a fluid and detailed cartoonsque graphics, freely zoomable during the missions, Discreetly varied with regard to the backgrounds and enriched by cute cutscene.

CastleStorm - Free to Siege is not only an excellent strategy in tower defense, but it is a real cool breeze for the genre, which in this particular case is given to different approaches and variations on the theme. At first CastleStorm looks cumbersome and even confusing, but once entered into the action-regulating mechanisms, they show spectacular combinations of air balloons, ground units, and direct action in the hero of the turn hero. Not all items in the Zen Studios title appear perfectly calibrated, but it's an aspect that you're happy to close with the quality of the offer. It was only a pity for the choice of a freemium model full of limits and characterized by questionable choices in terms of monetization: we would have preferred a product at full price and without subterfuge.


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  • Diverse gameplay
  • Great technical achievement
  • Over 150 missions
  • Creative and imaginative
  • ...but only one third is accessible right away
  • Freemium controversial model
  • Sometimes inaccurate controls
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 7
Audio - 9

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