Call Of Duty Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a futuristic first-person shooter. Set in 2065, you play as a technologically advanced super-human – think Robocop drafted into the military. This continued focus on futuristic war allows for even more tech and toys to be layered into the classic CoD gameplay


As you will know, the Call of Duty series was born on PC, but soon became the emblem of first-person shooter serial consoles. The PC versions of the various chapters have never been big in terms of upgrades and features, as they have always sold a fraction of the others, but with Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the most sold game of the current generation, something Has to be changed, because Treyarch has just released modder tools.

You have understood well: enthusiasts can devote themselves to building new levels, modifying various assets and altering a Call of Duty. Personal work can only be used in custom lobbies and unranked servers, but it is already something that has been introduced.

Who owns Call of Duty: Black Ops III on Steam will find the modder tools in the "Tools" tab. Obviously do not download them if you do not want to create anything.

When PlayStation 4 Pro was released at the PlayStation Meeting in September, there were three episodes of the Call of Duty series in the list of titles that would then support the new console. Two of these were perfectly predictable, given their release set from there to a couple of months: we are talking about Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered, endowed with Infinity Ward's upgrades for the enhanced version of PlayStation 4, with pretty appreciable results. Reading the name of the third improved Call of Duty on PlayStation 4 Pro, however, was rather surprising to us: it was Black Ops III, a chore by Treyarch and released at the end of 2015. The year did not prevent developers To put their hands on their creature in order to shine it to make them live a potential second youth on PlayStation 4 Pro. However, as we are seeing, the end result can not be considered at the level obtained by the other two productions.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops III resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro goes up to 1920x2160 pixels, represented on a 4K panel thanks to the checkerboard system that comes with the console.


Graphics yields improvements especially in terms of antialiasing, although in some cases you have to really engage with your vision to see the benefit you bring. As for the 1080p screens, the Black Ops III looks almost identical to what we saw a year ago, surely due to the drop in resolution compared to that set for the Ultra HD screen. As we said, the work on Black Ops III makes us somewhat regret what's being done on Modern Warfare Remastered, where a generally sharper image appears: in part justification, we imagine that Treyarch's effort on the title released a year ago Has been commensurate with the commitment the team is spending on its next project. If at the visual level the improvements do not shout the miracle but they can defend themselves, in performance terms one has to find a common problem with other titles that have received the patch for the PlayStation 4 Pro. Despite the number of frames per second of Black Ops III on the new Model is in several cases higher than that found on the original PlayStation 4, there are cases where the situation is overturned and the amount of frames on the PlayStation 4 Pro drops even below that seen a year ago. He does this especially in the most cautious gambling phases, where explosions and pyrotechnics dominate the field: the drop is quite sensitive and visible to the naked eye, with minima falling to 30 frames per second. Things are better when the scene comes with less challenging elements: in this case, the Black Ops III on PlayStation 4 Pro can instead point the 60 frames with greater conviction than the past. However, the gaming experience keeps the gap between the 30 frames of intermittent scenes and 60 of the sequences played, which was also criticized a year ago for what was in general and remains a technical part with lights and shadows. As in other titles updated after the release of PlayStation 4 Pro, there are absolutely no settings associated with the new model.

  • It looks great
  • Smooth fluid action
  • Great voice cast for Zombies
  • Lots of game types and modes - including a second unlockable campaign
  • Single player story abandons Black Ops legacy
  • Progression feels expected
  • Just more Call of Duty
Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 8
Audio - 9

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