It seems almost time to repeat it, but the 2010 video game, at least on paper, is definitely worth a try, with a plethora of interesting titles that will sprout from early next year. Actually, after we've been spanking Bayonetta for good, we can immediately say that the theory has already been put into practice, and that the action game quartet, which will come from here in March, has a title of indisputable value.

It's a good idea to make clear now what the pedigree of this game was, developed by Platinum Games on behalf of Sega, after half-time experiment with Madworld for Wii. The project director is certainly not the last one to arrive, but that Hideki Kamiya has put in productions such as Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry, Okami and so on; The remainder of the team is also composed of departments of the never too much companion Clover Studios, another developer who has collected far less than it deserves.

Here we are to talk about Bayonetta, whose long-legged protagonist and equipped with a latex suit had wrought some perplexity in the good taste of the developers. In reality, the game has a style to sell and never goes out of the ordinary, it is an expression of a Japanese culture often criticized for its immobility, but in this case it is a fresh and fresh thing that delivers the kind of action games without concessions external to a new level.

Bayonetta is a witch that is armed to the teeth, even equipped with a set of guns attached to his heels, which has awakened after a sleep of over 500 years and is faced with angelic creatures of all sorts, wandering around the game map looking for, among other things, their own past. The basic base resumes the classic concept of Light, Darkness and Chaos (the world of men), where the first two, specifically depicted by the Wise Wise Men and the Wizards of Umbra, have always guaranteed their struggle with the cosmic equilibrium that, guess a little, in the game seems to be compromised and absolutely to be restored.

Bayonetta offers 51 trophies, of which 2 are gold and 10 are silver. Their description also resembles the goliardic and exaggerated style of the game, just think of the names of some of them, such as the one called "I'm a str ... ehm a witch". To get the long-awaited Platinum, you have to finish the game three times, because of the trophy tied to any difficulty level unlocked. For the rest, others get to the completion of the Alfheim portals, the medals acquired after each turn and thanks to the use of all available techniques and combo.

The setting, though not shining for originality, has allowed the developer to indulge in the realization of enemies and gaming situations, condensing everything with a healthy humor that never goes away with the banal and that by paraphrasing the Devil's Dant May Cry, sees a protagonist who is never afraid of the danger and always sure of it, brilliant dialogues and explosions of situations that often tease a laugh and visually appetite. That Bayonetta is out of the charts can be seen from the narration, always proposed with the gaming engine but alternating sequences identical to those of the gameplay with other proposals in the form of movie film, where there are static frames and the characters do not move their lips , finally returning a peculiar and personal style. We see it in musical accompaniment (we'll be back later), which proposes a mix of J-Pop and Jazz absolutely perfect, with the dear and infamous "Fly Me to the Moon" that initially appears out of context but that actually is extremely consistent with the kind of gameplay that is being proposed. In short, the ingredients for a personality title are all there, but in Bayonetta the Platinum Games have not only been revolted around their own genius or a fine style exercise to themselves (criticisms that have sometimes been added to previous works of its members, see God Hand and Madworld) but in the end it's just the gameplay of the game that represents the major factor of the vote you see at the foot of this review. No concessions to variations on the subject, Bayonetta is a naked and raw action in a third person, supported by the narrative above and pointing all about the fight phase and the incredible athletic athlete's prowess, capable of performing in devastating combo and length disproportionate, provided they are capable. Deeper than initially, Platinum Games combines the combination of keys and, above all, dodging its key element, where all gameplay is based.

The X button (square on PS3) is used to use guns, Y (triangle) punches, B (circle) kicks and A (x) jump in all its shapes. The combination of these keys allows you to access a large number of combo, snapped up by the techniques that can be acquired in the rodin bar, a companion that drives his activity directly near the gates of hell. Needless to say, the various objects to restore energy, momentarily increase power, and so on are represented by some lollipops of different color, which blends perfectly with the main protagonist and the goliardic atmosphere of the title.

We said the dodgy element, which can be activated by the lower right dorsal and probably represents the most used element: it allows to dodge any enemy attack and if it is executed a moment before being hit, it allows the activation of the so-called Sabbat Temporale, that others are just a slowdown of time during which you can attack the enemies in a slim way, perhaps behind their backs. Fundamental is then to acquire the technique of not interrupting combo when using this dodge, with the result that in the game, especially in the advanced stages, Bayonetta seems to dance from one point to the other, to the extremely devastating combo rhythm and spectacular fights. Think of the possibilities offered by the combinations of guns, punches, kicks and then other weapons such as swords and claws, without forgetting the magic bar present under that vitality, allowing access to additional techniques that can end with torture attacks, true and their final combos that provide for repeated pressures of the on-screen buttons to inflict more damage. Along with the concept of exaggeration, low profile foes are just a diversion, a minority. Bayonetta is in fact the fair of medium and large bosses, with always clashes and even chapters devoted entirely to opponents crossing the screen, and making the fight a psychedelic feast. The most important clashes can be ended by releasing the "Belva Interior" of the protagonist, who uses his hair and his latex suit to evoke enormous demonic beasts that can annihilate the disadvantaged in a spectacular and visually fulfilling manner. To name one of the many, one of the most fun moments we had when after defeating a stone golem, it was reduced to a volleyball ball, with demonic hands that made it a baker first, then a raise and finally a crushed miss, then make it explode with four punches coming from all sides, due to the resulting binder.

There is also a variety of varieties that, although relying on a well-defined but steady progression, always offer a high climax, driven by running sections, some transformations (such as the panther) for Bayonetta itself, literally at 360 degrees and by passages where everything around it collapses or affects the movements of the main character, with the consequence that there is tremendous satisfaction in dealing with each section of the game. This climax keeps high until the final boss and offers interesting notes even in the queues and immediately afterwards, a symptom that Platinum Games are certainly not poor ideas. Finally, the camera follows Bayonetta directly but is also fully controllable with the right analog stick. Even in this case the work was a cartographer, and we have one of the best achievements in this regard.

The gaming structure is subdivided into sixteen chapters in addition to prologue and epilogue and offers 3 levels of initial difficulty with the first two, novice and easy, which provide an automatic mode for some types of combo. Bayonetta can be completed between 9 and 11 hours of actual gaming, which does not account for any repeated sections or bosses many times, which may happen unusually. At this point, you can access a new level of difficulty (and then another called "Infinite Climax") and the Bayonetta Gallery, where there are plenty of character sketches, soundtrack and game progression. Indeed not really common in today's video games, the rewritability of the title is not derived mainly from the unlocked extras or the sections to be completed, represented in this case by arenas called Alfheim, but by the real gameplay. Once you complete the game, you only have access to some of the techniques and combo that the title makes available, so it is desirable to complete it again, even to accumulate more gold (in practice the game currency) to spend for accessories and techniques mentioned above. In each chapter there are verses that represent the various combat sections, after which a score and a bonus based on the combo number, time spent and the damage suffered are given. The same treatment is at the end of the chapter, with a statuette pointing to the degree of skill that we will be sure will be many times stone until we begin to use the dodge effectively. As it goes without saying, the classic phrase "Easy to learn, difficult to master" applies, where in Bayonetta if you want to access all the available weapons and make the top in the available online charts, you have to avoid almost completely being hit, and inanellare combo high concentric numeric. It is difficult to find obvious defects in gameplay, therefore, if not the type of pure action based on combo and more can more or less please, because everything else is really calibrated to the millennium. The choice is, however, not to give you the ability to change the mapping of the keys and to dampen the skirt at the right lower ridge that, especially on the PlayStation 3, does not shine for sensitivity and is not the most suitable for constant and continuous pressure.

Bayonetta´s technical system follows the storyline and gameplay in step with the visual representation at the expense of some rather rough elements. Audio dubbing is English with subtitles including Italian. Often and willingly, there are rather hilarious, but not easy, interpretation slanges as well as word games (Bitch / Witch) that have not always been translated into our idiom. The soundtrack, as mentioned, is devoted to famous songs and music from J-Pop orientation with Jazz influences, there is also the citationist part, with different levels that see, remixed and not, songs from classic Sega such as Outrun, After Burner , Space Harrier and Fantasy Zone. Great work has also been done in sound effects, where explosions, fenders and everything else are reproduced with good fidelity and bass power on dedicated equipment. The graphic part is very much on the artistic side, where programmers have become brave enough to make the world of gaming, paradise and huge bosses always interesting and varied, with pointed points that are absolutely enjoyable to see, and the aforementioned variety of situations, intermittent sequences and chaos on screen. Bayonetta´s animations could only be excellent as one of the foundations of the game, and in general the impact is great thanks to the abovementioned artistic system and the personal and unusual vision Platinum Games have in making a video game . There are, of course, certain magnesia, represented by some rather rough conditions and not in line with the rest, the improved presence of particulate effects, the redevelopment of water and the shadows and lights not always accurate as you would expect. For the rest, the graphics engine is quite solid and offers a frame rate that often and willingly reaches 60 frames per second, though with the falls that never go down in the sphere of slowdowns.

This is for the Xbox 360 version, developed directly within Platinum Games. Conversion to PlayStation 3 instead of busy Sega, with results sometimes unintelligible. In fact, the frame rate is virtually halved compared to the Microsoft counterpart, the most striking tearing, texture resolution suffers in several cases of greater use of blur, denoting in a more chaotic picture more chaotic situations. Clearly, the outstanding play quality of the title remains (almost) intact and the technical department also does its duty on the Sony console, but having both consoles or looking at both versions, never the difference (and consequently the choice) between the two counterparts has been so great in favor of the Xbox 360. Beyond the chronic problems of PlayStation 3 in multiplatforms due to different architecture, lack of resources and more, and the fact that a patch seems to be developing to solve a part of these problems, the question arises spontaneously: Sega, what kind of spiterina did you combine with this conversion?

Bayonetta arrives on consoles and sweeps away any similar production currently available on the market. The acune of the few hustle can be turned into a typically Japanese style (but far less trash than it sounds) that might not please everyone, but for the rest the title represents what was supposed to be Devil May Cry in this generation of consoles, it's gameplay pure supported by a stunning style and storyline, is the combo show and is a spectacular game that needs to be spelled out more than you can after a first round. It's the sum of the developer's bravery and ideas, clearly not common elsewhere. The vote is for the Xbox 360 version, which also technically does his job perfectly. Earring for PlayStation 3 Conversion, which does not undermine the final evaluation (though you take a few decimal places anyway), does not take the same step in the graph. That said, a plaudit to the Platinum Games for having pulled out a small masterpiece of the action game genre, for a 2010 video game that begins decisively with fireworks.

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  • Deep and spectacular gameplay
  • Humor and fun in quantity
  • Audio and artistic system at the highest levels
  • PS3 Conversion with Different Magnet Techniques
  • Non-customizable commands
  • Some graying elements rather rough
Gameplay - 4
Graphics - 7
Audio - 3

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