Assassin’s Creed Pirates

The Assassin's Creed Pirates ship's control is based on the same feature of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and works more or less the same way.


Assassin's Creed Pirates, in fact, has nothing to do with the gaming mechanics that have recently seen us control the pirate Edward Kenway, or at least the similarities between the two products are limited to the maritime phases, when they are exploring the ocean Looking for ships to plunder. It is understandable that the French house wanted to push on that front, half of the Black Flag campaign is just about water and that theme does not seem to be as inflationary as other aspects of the experience. But what is lacking in this spin-off mobile is a plot with the height of the franchise, considering that the protagonist, Alonzo Batilla, turns out to be a pirate captain in five minutes, in a very simplistic way, and the Its figure appears to be devoid of the necessary construction so that it can be identified. Indeed, his firing at certain angles is also a bit on the boxes. Alonzo is released by the famous pirate La Buse (actually existed) and follows him in his missions to gain some independence as well as his respect. As mentioned in the opening of Assassin's Creed Pirates, everything is happening at sea, aboard the ship that we are able to conquer first and we can replace it once we have enough money. What to do to earn it? Depressing anyone who is successful in shooting, successfully completing speed races and, in general, thoroughly exploring every location in search of missions to complete.

Assassin's Creed Pirates ship's control is based on the same feature of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and works more or less the same way: acting on the helm (via touch or - better - by enabling accelerometer control) we can change Pointing to the middle, while pressing the icons on the right side of the screen you can change speed and adjust it to the specific conditions and situation in which we are located.

You can touch the screen at any time to move the view freely, though often the presence of the master shaft and sails makes it difficult to understand where you are going, especially if there are obstacles to avoid (eg mines). Anyway, you navigate in a nice way and the technical context is absolutely up to the situation with some very beautiful views that contrast to others where polygonal count unfortunately reminds us that we are playing on a smartphone or tablet, However powerful. The wave output is still really good, there is a compelling day / night alternation and there is just a little physics to give weight to the ship and water, which is well implemented in Black Flag. You can explore the map in this way, heading towards targets that are still reported, or - and here donate the donkey - use the "tactic" view. In practice, it touches the map and is able to move the ship even in this franchise, but in a much quicker and easier way, which empties quite a bit of experience, while making it systematically faster and more brisk. A need in pure mobile style, however cumbersome as good done to make the best of the ship's controls and "direct" exploration.

There are icons on the map that represent various types of mission. Those "assassination" take place in two phases, with a sort of minigame in which we must avoid being seen by enemy ships, using the "tactic" view to approach the target in the second phase and fight.

On Assassin's Creed Pirates there are also speed races based on checkpoints, missions where objects are to be recovered and brought back to those who have commissioned the shipment, and finally the unlocking of the "towers", which consists of a mere clash in the water to control the Zone and the activation of a point for fast trips. Perhaps it would have been nice to have a minigame in this franchise where Alonzo climbs on the lighthouse in turn, but yes. So let's go to the combat system, also based on the gameplay of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Approached an enemy ship, it is possible to strike it with standard cannons, with a "machine gun" and a precision gun useful to blow up weaknesses of the enemy. The action is governed by various "cool down" indicators that also determine the counterattack of the enemy, and here we just did not appreciate the Ubisoft's groundbreaking solution, which sees our ship "dodging" the cannons absolutely ridiculous. You could handle it in so many different ways, for example using the same controls and dynamics but making the pirates run away (just like in the Black Flag). Fortunately, the criticism we mentioned did not bother how good Assassin's Creed Pirates offered, that is, a great substance (without in-app purchase!), A great technical achievement (also with regard to the sound, the songs Pirates and music of the "major" version) and a valid and entertaining gameplay, though tending to repeat itself.


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  • Great beautiful navigation
  • Great technical department
  • Many missions and so many things to unlock
  • Discreetly repetitive
  • Some questionable solution
  • The "tactic" map simplifies things too much
Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 9
Audio - 8.5

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