Angry Birds Evolution


The Angry Birds franchise is not as strong as it used to be, but the release of the CG film certainly contributed to reviving Rovio's blockbuster popularity, still one of the most successful mobile games ever. For some time the mainstream releases have become rare, as it is right, and the Finnish team has focused on publishing, entrusting its main brand to several developers to achieve more or less successful spin-offs, more or less fun. The last one is Angry Birds Evolution, whose "rebound" mechanisms immediately make up for the discreet but not exciting Angry Birds Action !, released last year. In fact, however, the two products are very different and the approach of the latter iteration draws on the genre of RPGs and strategists to provide us with challenging, thick-set battles; all with a roster consisting of over seven hundred birds, many of which are completely unpublished, divided into five classes and endowed with peculiar abilities.

The Angry Birds Evolution scenario is an island formed by various areas that unlock in the long singles campaign. There are no indicators of the energy of action, which lets you think about the possibility of playing unlimited and unexpectedly, but the freemium mechanisms are alive every hour to exhaust the three "scouts" we have, interventions that allow to reveal specific challenges with which to make some grinding and raise the team's level. The problem? To recharge every single scout takes one hour. Beyond this aspect and of balancing the difficulty of having things softer after the first missions, the game structure looks solid and convincing, with a team formed initially of three elements and the continuous unlocking of new characters which we can select for the team or "spend" to make one of our birds go up to level, seeing enhanced attack and defense skills.

Once in the field, Angry Birds Evolution´s gameplay remembers that of Original Birdy Birds, though the view is in a third person and targets to be hit are not embedded within more or less complex structures, with a physical base determine their destruction. You have to throw the birds with the usual "slingshot" by playing a shuffle to hit the enemies several times and inflict the greatest possible damage, then to see their elements return to the starting point. The strategic element is to identify the most dangerous pigs and / or those who will attack us first and try to neutralize them in time to avoid losing part of the vital energy bar, unique to the whole team. The system is therefore valid and interesting, with a good degree of variety among the characters represented by the special shot, which is loaded after a few turns and can make a difference in the optics of the match. Great graphics, using a style similar to the one in the computer graphics and abound with effects to embellish the surfaces of the locations, giving it a remarkable glimpse.

Angry Birds Evolution succeeds in many ways to propose a solid, convincing and thick plant, similar to that of the original Angry Birds. It is no coincidence that the mechanics are basically the same but change the actors in the game, the visual and the physical environment, which in this case becomes a free interpretation of the carambola. Beautiful to be seen, quite full and endowed with a nice asynchronous multiplayer, the spin-off developed by Chimera Entertainment sometimes suffers from the implications of a seemingly permissive freemium model.


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  • Fun and challenging
  • Very long campaign
  • Great graphics
  • The freemium mechanisms are felt
  • Situations a bit too repetitive
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 8
Audio - 8.5

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