Android App Development a Lucrative Career Opportunity


A recent survey has indicated that Android based mobile phones are selling at a faster pace as compared to other Smartphones. The percentage difference is quite high. This has led to the shift of development towards android applications.

Figures reveal that 67% of app developers are Android app developers while 59% of app developers develop iPhone applications. The figures have gone-up substantially in the recent survey as compared to the last one conducted only a year back. Moreover the number of app developers for other mobiles is also increasing due to their popularity in the local masses. There is an overall increase in the number of mobile app developers owing to the increase in sale of Smartphones and other related handheld devices like iPad, etc.

Recent survey has also revealed that percentage of app developers who want to develop android apps is also increasing as they are no longer interested in developing Java or Symbian based mobile apps. Future conversion from other apps developers to Android app developers is foreseen between ranges of 35 to 40 percent respectively.

Android based Smartphone are multi-functional. These help to add snob appeal of a person. Open source operating system provides better leverage to work upon the system and handle each project with zeal. Android OS is advantageous over other platforms due to its low priced development tools. Apps developers have to invest less and they earn more from revenue generation.

Individuals are also engaged in the development process owing to lesser development hassles and easy updates on Apps store. In this world of technology, more people follow the ongoing trend and the trend is to build android apps and earn high revenue in less time. The number of Android OS based mobile phones is increasing. The demand for applications is also increasing. The outcome is that developers are concentrating more and provide their customers with the right product. This yields to maximum usage and maximum productivity. Android apps stores are also cashing upon the customers’ interest. They are keeping the price low and still earning huge profits.

Android will capture more than 35% of mobile market share. In that case it is best to get into this field and maximize returns on investment. Third party developers have taken-up the job of customized Android software development. Customers demand specialized software to enhance their business processes. Enhanced business processes yield high profit margins.

In the present circumstances, it is better to cash-upon the available possibilities.


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